Best Home Office Ideas

When you think about Home Office, there are so many factors that come into picture. Things to be set in place, facilities and amenities that are a good to have, good to have practices and so on. Here is a quick reference to some of the best Home office ideas. A well planned and maintained Home office becomes the driving force for a successful business!

Consider these points to help you better plan, manage and maintain a Home Office:

Look and Feel:

  • Choose the space to ensure your Office at Home is well lit, with adequate ventilation, pleasant and comfortable.
  • While your work area needs to be formal and professional, it can have a touch of pleasantry, like some flowers on the desk, may be a nice painting of scenery or maybe a sunset. This will help you keep calm despite your work pressures.
  • Light: Make sure your work area and your home Office in general is well lit. This has a huge impact on any work that you do. A dull ambience is not recommended for Office space.

Home Office


  1. Includes your Computer (this can be considered the Heart of your home Office!)
  2. Pens, pencils, notepads, scribbling pads, paper, etc.
  3. Smaller stationery including staples, post-its, pins, clips, holders, binders, etc.
  4. Storage options like USB sticks, flash drives.
  5. Physical storage like file cabinets, trays, closets, etc.


While you have all the tools available, making it accessible to your work area is very important. There is no use if you have all the stationery available, but you need to go to the family room every time to fetch it. This will add a lot of distraction and lead time in your work. So, ensure that you keep your supplies close at hand.


This category includes your desk, computer table, a sitting area, a comfortable chair that helps you work on your computer or desk. Choosing the right kind of furniture is very important, as this directly impacts your productivity in your Home office.

Apart from these standard points, there are some additional ideas that come in handy!

  • Have a whiteboard or a pinup board. This will help you prioritize your ideas or organize your thoughts while you work.
  • Scheduler: Ensure that you make a schedule for the day before you plunge into your truck load of work for the day. This gives you clarity of what needs to be done for the day.
  • A Waste paper basket near the desk: Very important, if you are kind to write and write on your ideas and keep re-inventing!
  • File tray: This will help you keep your desk organized. An organized work place saves a lot of time and effort in terms of getting you through to the right papers instead of sifting through bundles!
  • Planner: If you are the kind who cannot do with only a Scheduler, then go for this option. This will help put things in perspective.