Water Saving Irrigation Tips for Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn is an eye-catching feature that virtually anyone can appreciate. It’s one of the first things visitors notice when they pull up to your property and it says a lot about you, as a homeowner. Although it does involve frequent watering, there are a few ways to irrigate your lawn more efficiently and effectively.

Water Saving Irrigation Tips

Here are some water saving irrigation tips for your lawn:

Have Your System Audited

Talk to your local water provider about conducting an irrigation audit of your system. Some providers will perform this service for free, while others may charge a small fee. If yours does not, you can also look for a certified landscape irrigation auditor in your area. The auditor will generate a report based on the condition of your entire system with recommendations on how to fix or improve it. Some may even suggest an optimal watering schedule for each month of the year.

Irrigate in the Mornings

Irrigate during the morning hours, whenever possible. Since it’s cooler in the morning, less water evaporates, increasing the efficiency of your watering. Mornings are also less windy, so the water from your sprinklers won’t get blown into your neighbors yard. Evening watering causes the water to sit on the lawn all night, which may result in plant and turf diseases.

Check for Obstructions

Check for tall grass or shrubs that may prevent proper water distribution. These types of obstructions can deflect your water off elsewhere, causing your lawn to require more water than would normally be necessary. This is even more likely if your sprinkler heads protrude less than 3 inches above the surface. Sprinkler heads that rise up over 4 inches can help even out your water distribution patterns.

Fix Leaks and Stuck Valves

Search for signs of leaks that may result in a waste of water. If there’s water running onto sidewalks and curbs even after the water is turned off, you probably have a stuck valve somewhere. Mold or algae growing along a certain part of the ground indicates a constant flow of water that may be the result of a partially open valve. This may be due to something as small as a grain of sand. If cleaning the valve doesn’t work, replace it.

Replace Your Sprinkler Heads

Another effective way to save water is to upgrade your sprinkler heads if you’re using an older system. Technology has improved considerably in recent years and newer systems are far more efficient than what was available 20 years ago. For example, rotary nozzles are able to cover a greater radius with much less water than older nozzles. Just be sure to select nozzles that have a radius that matches the distance between them.

It takes lots of time and effort to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn. Fortunately, it is possible to cut back on the amount of water required to get the job done. If you have a decent irrigation system, a few minor adjustments may be all that’s needed.

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How to Tell Which Turf Suits Your Backyard The Most

To know which turf suits the best for your backyard you need to analyze the whole lot of options available in the grass section. Since modern age has given us the liberty to choose from a wide variety of things in every single category. Be it clothing, entertainment or even food we have ample choices to choose from.

Similarly in case of selecting the right turf for your backyard you need to shuffle through the options available. Professional and most skilled Turf Care can help your greatly in finding the right turf for your lawn areas.

The factors which are vital for deciding the turf type for your lawn are like:

  • Sunlight and shade tolerance factors
  • Climatic conditions
  • Colour and aesthetics based on customer’s preference and choice

Turf backyard

A professional Turf Care can let you know about all the varieties of the turf available along with their individual pros and cons. The most appropriate kind of grass made available to the homeowners in the warm season is the Durban grass.

The major types of grasses available are like the Augustine grass, the Zoysia, couch, Bermuda grass and kikuyu. All of them are good for warm season. Durban grass is one type which can tolerate full shade without any trouble. Buffalo or Augustine grass can also tolerate a bit of shade every day.

But Zoysia and couch grass need at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. Kikuyu is the type of grass which literally hates to be under shade. It needs sunlight to perform well all year round. Bermuda grass has two variants like Yukon and Rivera which are nothing but it’s newly generated tolerant varieties.

Once you are through with which type of turf to get for your lawn, the next step is to maintain it. For that concern you can hire a professional Turf treatment that can take good care of your lawn completely. Best Turf treatment can provide assistance to the homeowners on how they can increase the beauty of their lawn by trimming and pruning garden plants or by telling them the ways to replace kikuyu lawn with a more shade tolerant grass.

Mow Your Lawn Efficiently with Husqvarna 5521p

Getting the best cordless lawn mowers is the current trend in all the households who have a garden. Modern lawn mowers are very different from their older cousins in ways more than one. Here are some of those differences. If you are planning to buy a cordless lawn mower, you should keep in main things need to be kept in mind.

Firstly, older generation mowers were gas operated or electric operated. The corded ones were seriously restricted to close ranges, and thus weren’t preferred. But the best cordless lawn mowers solved this basic problem. The modern lawn mowers operate on charge stored in batteries making them very preferable.

They can be carried around anywhere since they are very lightweight and this makes them very popular for people who are tall. The top cordless lawn mower offer unmatched efficiency, in terms of quality. The razor sharp blades ensure that the grass is evenly cut, giving your garden the look it deserves.

Most of these modern mowers offers excellent lightweight system that has “Ergoflex System”, what this basically mean is that it is ergonomically designed and the height can be adjusted accordingly. This is particularly helpful for the older people who don’t like to wrestle with cords or carry around heavy mowers. The height adjustment in these modern mowers is very user-friendly and requires no extra effort to get the right setting.

The mower provides excellent performance and rock solid stability. It can handle anything that you can throw at it. The battery too, apart from the freedom from wires, provides long performance. A single charge can last for more than half the garden. Don’t worry about the remaining half. These come with an energy efficient feature that can charge itself very fast. So, in case you are out of charge, you can be back mowing just after an hour! The mower offers exceptional flexibility in terms of storage. It can be folded for compact storage, saving precious space in your household.

Why Husqvarna 5521p?

Thinking of getting a powerful mower for our garden or lawn area, then Husqvarna 5521p is a gas powered amazing lawn mower which comes with Briggs and Stratton mill.

The huge rear and front wheel make the movement of the mower smooth ad effortless even on an irregular lawn. You can adjust the grass cutting height of the mower by the options available from selecting from the five positions available in the mower varying from 1.25 inches to 3.4 inches. The mower also performs rear bagging, mulching as well as side discharge.

With a Briggs and Stratton engine of 140cc churning out power of 2.9hp, the mower works efficiently and renders decent output to the users. The mower complies with CARM norms and offers cutting width of 21 inches. With change in time, gas powered lawn mowers have undergone great changes.

Amazon: Husqvarna 5521P, 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower

Amazon: Husqvarna 5521P, 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower

It is easy to use and works as an excellent choice for lawn mowing. It provides quick and easy manoeuvrability even in restricted area and an aggregate of three types of cutting device. the device is simple to assemble with just adjustment of handles and blades and can easily be fold up to be stored in lower storage locations.

The presence of 12 inches rear wheel and 8 inches front wheel allow the users to maintain the straight lines while mowing the land and pushing the machine forward effortlessly.

1. Available with distinctive warranty
2. Complies with the norms of CARB
3. 3 in 1 machine that mulches, stores and side discharges
4. 21 inches cutting width
5. 5.5 torque with 1400cc Briggs and Stratton mill

Convenient to start with mechanical enhancing mill speed lever quickens the process and allows fast mowing. The set to start position of the mower doesn’t allow you to waste even a single minute. The drive control level gets comfier and needs very little manpower offering sensitive speed alteration. The excellent cutting quality of the mower gives you equal length grass. Ranging from mulching to bagging to side discharge, the Husqvarna 5521p is perfect for everything. You will love the mower for its excellent functionality and 100% utility.

Thus, if you are looking for an affordable and easily manageable mowing system, then this is the perfect one for you. It is quite a solid and easy mower with not man useless extras. It is extremely economical and renders highest quality work. The height adjustment allows you to cut grass for different lawn conditions like rock garden or slopes or steps. The device has been rated as a high and robust mower with well-built attachments that features heavy mulching blade via piles of leaves without any type of choking.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for exceptional quality mowing machine, then it is the best quality mower at the best of the price. You can also purchase it online from an online shopping portal. Do not wait any longer to get this multi-purpose lawn manager for our house.

Husqvarna 128LDX: Light Weight Yet Powerful Detachable Pole Saw for Lawn Care

In this fast paced competitive world, people hardly get time to spend for lawn maintenance. Persons find it impossible to spend hours for the caring of the lawn unless gardening is their hobby. It is very good to have a lawn and if maintained in well manner they can help you stay healthily and provide with fresh air.

Lawn care

Lawn care

Basically lawn care techniques include regular watering, mowing and fertilizing. Well-cared and beautifully designed lawn exhibits pride of ownership, also offering a pretty, cute green ambiance and smooth arena. Taking care of lawn would not be a hard work, if a right lawn care professional is available for assistance and guidance.

Mowing the lawn also include some technical knacks. It is not recommended to cut off the grass more than one third of its height and frequent mowing is also essential for keeping the area well maintained and decorated. You will need expert advice while mowing and cutting off lawn area and knowledgeable lawn care professionals can provide you with the same.

However if you have bit of knowledge and interest you can do it all yourself with the help of good quality tools available. Husqvarna is one such brand which provides latest and most reliable outdoor power products for your gardening and lawn care needs. The products manufactured by them include robotic mowers, garden tractors, chainsaws, trimmers, etc.

Here we specifically review about Husqvarna 128LDX pole saw which may prove useful to you while maintaining your garden or lawn.

Husqvarna 128LDX Pole Saw Review

Well, with the advancement in gadgets, people tend to find things that could ease their workload and offer them more convenience while they are specifically managing the yard work. Managing the garden and yard maintenance work is quite tiresome, it drains out all the energy from the body.

However, for your ease, manufacturers have come up with Husqvarna 128LDX Pole saw.

Features of Husqvarna 128LDX

It is extremely light in weight but renders amazing service with great strength and lets you handle all your yard work with no extra effort from our side.

It comes with a robust braided cable wire drive and is highly recommendable for those people who are in need of an accurate, effective tool to manage lawn care, and handle brushing and branching activities.

Weighing not more than 10.8 pounds, the Husqvarna 128ldx is easy to tackle and hold. It comes with detachable shaft that allows easy storage and portability. It has been crafted for casual outdoor lawn activities and offers you the option to conveniently and easily manage plethora of jobs right from trimming of the hedges and grasses to removing of the overgrown branches.

The Husqvarna 128ldx allows you to commence your work straight away without wasting any time to make the pole saw working. The starter and the engine of this machine are specifically crafted to fast start with lowest effort.

The air purge technique of the device eradicates air from carburettor and the auto return stop button mechanically resets the machine to the “ON” stage. Lastly, the fuel pump ensures every time, the Husqvarna pole saw is set to be used whenever you want.

The Pole Saw offers you the liberty to handle a plethora of tasks in one go, it is an easy to use device designed to work with various types of attachments provided as additional accessories. The best part is that the pole saw can be customised as per your needs, all the year round. The attachments come along with a multipurpose cutting attachment guard that is utilised with either a trimmer head or along with a grass blade.

Why Husqvarna 128LDX?

If you have a great yard, then you need a dedicated and hardworking device to manage it. Luckily, the Husqvarna 128ldx offers everything that a lawn owner desires. With an engine of 28cc engine, the Husqvarna 128ldx goes as deep as 9 feet for pruning. The attachments comprise of edger, clean sweep, hedge trimmer as well as trimmer and cultivator.

The automatic oiling system doesn’t make the machine obstructive or resistant in work. The multi-purpose gadget is great to use and easy to store. The ergonomic handle gives you the firm grip that you require while working in the yard.

Priced reasonably well, it is a perfect equipment to be included in the lists of your garden tools. Make the most out of this equipment and give our lawn, garden and yard a beautiful look as per your need and requirement. The device lasts long and offers complete service in this segment. You will be privileged with its use.