Home Improvement and Remodeling is Now Cost and Time Effective

The primary duty of a housewife is to keep the home beautiful and tidy. The atmosphere should be such that people should love to come back home.

Home Improvement

Keeping the home tidy helps you to ward off all the germs, various insects and amphibians which develop in the dirt. Proper maintenance and remodeling is also required to keep the grandeur of the home intact.

Sometimes if it is favourable for the pocket to bear a specific expense then some money can be spent for home renovation.

During home renovation the weak areas found in the house can also be improved.  In this article let us talk about the home improvement tips.

Improvement can be done anywhere in the house depending upon the requirement. Majorly during home improvement attention needs to be given to the walls and the floors of the home.

Tips which can be followed during home improvement and remodeling

To save the cost and labor one can opt to make a drywall instead of a concrete wall. While sanding the dry walls one thing has be kept in mind that the grit should be of the standard size. This would make it more durable and would be free from any scratches.

If you are not knowledgeable enough about drywall projects, you can take the help of experts like drywall contractors Vancouver for getting the task done in a professional and much affordable way.

It is very important to initiate a cleaning for the HVAC filters right after the construction of a drywall. This has to be done to keep the air clean and fresh. This done to ensure that dust is not inhaled by anybody.

Especially in the cold countries the bedrooms should have either a carpet or wood flooring. This is done only to keep the floor warm during the cold months. As a matter of fact it has been observed that wood or carpet flooring makes the bedroom look good and also contributes largely towards the level of comfort.

Installing insulators is practiced largely in the cold countries. This keeps a balanced temperature inside the room during the cold months.

While painting is done on the ceiling, trays are kept underneath so that the floor does not get spoilt. Cleaning of these trays becomes a mammoth task. Hence it is advisable to use plastic bags on top of the paint trays. Plastic bags are very convenient and right after the painting is done the plastic bag can be pulled out of the tray and thrown in a garbage bin.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

Even if you aren’t planning to sell any time soon, knowing that you’ve increased the value of your property can offer you a great deal of peace of mind. When you increase your property value by making your home more eco-friendly, you’ll also feel good about your contribution to keeping our environment healthy.

Alterations to make your home more green don’t have to be overly challenging or expensive. Not only will your family benefit from these changes, you will be thrilled by the value of your property when you are ready to sell.

1. Install an environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning system

Do you ever stagger when you see your power bill? Heating and cooling your home costs money and also uses up important fuels. When you choose a more efficient HVAC system, such as current Energy Star models, you could see major reductions in both your power bill and your natural gas bill if you have one.

2. Seal up your home

Having an energy-efficient heating and cooling system is a good start, but if your heat or cold air are going right out the window, it’s not going to help. Check your windows and the seals around your doors to make sure that there are no gaps. One trick for checking this is to hold a candle close to the seals and see if any encroaching air causes the flame to flicker. Check around your baseboards and the junctions of your corners as well.

In addition to checking for potential leaks, make sure that your home is properly insulated. Poor insulation will cause heat and cold air to leave right through the walls and roof. The professionals at Sound Renovation explain it this way: “Insulating a roof makes a home more energy efficient by stopping summertime heat and humidity from getting in. At the same time, insulation helps keep the heated air inside during the winter months of the year.” Look for environmentally friendly insulation materials like cellulose or spray-in material that doesn’t contain formaldehyde.

3. Add eco-friendly features to the yard

Your yard also contributes to the total property value. You can increase the worth of your yard by landscaping with native plants. Installing a drip system for watering the lawn and garden will increase your value while helping to conserve water.

Use environmentally friendly materials such as composites to build your deck, fence or gazebo. Avoid treating your lawn with dangerous chemicals or other toxins, which can leach into the water supply.

4. Consider solar panels

While solar panels may initially seem expensive, they will quickly pay for themselves. Instead of paying the power company for your electricity, you will be able to harness it directly from the sun and cut your costs considerably.

Solar powered water heaters and other appliances are also available now to make the switch easier than ever. A dedicated do-it-yourselfer can install solar panels themselves to save even more money.

5. Check your wiring and plumbing

In addition to creating a safety hazard, poor wiring and shoddy plumbing will cause your home’s value to plummet.

Wiring issues pose a fire hazard, and leaking plumbing can create a serious mold problem in your walls, which can make your family sick. Hire a contractor to come out and check these systems for problems and follow any recommendations for repairs.

6. Update your kitchen

Most home-improvement gurus agree that an updated and modern kitchen is one of the strongest selling points in any home and will cause a substantial uptick in your property value. Some of the eco-friendly changes you can make in the kitchen include:

— Replacing worn-out cabinets with cabinets made from sustainable materials
— Installing low-flow faucets to cut back on water use
— Switching out your old refrigerator, dishwasher and stove with updated energy efficient models
— Installing sustainable, eco-friendly flooring like bamboo, which also makes for attractive cutting boards and back splashes
— Using natural lighting as much as possible and replacing old lighting fixtures with compact fluorescents

Author Bio:

Alex is a plumbing and HVAC industry blogger who enjoys writing about DIY home improvement, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly lifestyles. He is the in-house blogger for McKee Homes, Fayettville NC’s first choice for quality home.

Home Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips

For Tucson and other warm climates, air conditioning feels necessary during summer months. No one wants their system to stop working during triple digit heatwave.

In many cases it will require a professional HVAC technician to repair it. Even if you have some understanding, you should ordinarily limit your tasks to changing the filters and vacuuming out the dust. However, if you are an accomplished handyman there are some maintenance tasks you can carry out before calling for professional help.

Check the temperature setting you have on the thermostat. It should be switched to cool. It may be at the wrong temperature due to the small space it occupies. The setting for the fan should be automatic. You want the fan on only when cooling is needed.

Make certain that an electrical breaker is not tripped. Sometimes that can happen without noticing it, possibly during a storm or overloading the circuits. To check, turn it to off and then turn it back on. It would be a mistake to pay for a service call for no good reason.

Change the filters on schedule and make certain you are using the correct size. There are countless sizes of these making it easy to purchase the wrong one by mistake. Dirty filters may block the flow of air and increase the power bill you pay each month. Having dirty filters can also overwork your system. You never want any appliance to work harder than it needs to.

Sometimes an air conditioner can be iced over, with ice accumulated on the unit. Turn off the thermostat and turn on the fan. This should begin melting the ice. When all the ice has melted you can try turning it on. It can take up to six hours to melt the ice if it is not unusually hot outside. If it works again when you turn it back on you will not need to call a service professional.

Another task you can take care of is the outdoor maintenance. Any tall grass or debris should be removed from the area. If necessary vacuum it out of the fins. Don’t plant bushes too close to the unit. There are air conditioner covers for sale and you will want to protect the unit over the winter. These tips will save you money. We all like to save as much as possible while at the same time enjoying cool air in the home in hot weather and warm air in the house in winter.

As a homeowner its important to keep up on routine heating and cooling maintenance whether it be with your air conditioning unit, your roof and gutters or your home appliances. General maintenance can save you thousands in the long run. Just like taking your car in for an oil change, you must take some time out to keep up on home maintenance to avoid problems that may come up.

Some of the new thermostats current offered by leading HVAC manufactures have touch screen display which will alert you if a problem arises with your air conditioning unit, or when your system needs routine maintenance performed. Most companies will provide an air conditioning or heating system check for under $100.

Some companies offer membership plans which can help reduce this annual cost. Air conditioning system filters can be picked up at your local air conditioning store for as low as $6-$10. You can also buy the ones you can clean and reuse for roughly $40. This is a pretty small price to pay to avoid having to repair, or even replace, your home’s air conditioning system.

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Cole enjoys writing about home improvement and also writes for Cool Breeze Air Solutions, a local Tucson air conditioning and plumbing company.