What is FengShui and How It Can Be Helpful

What is FengShui seems to be the question arising in the minds of many who are not acquainted with this science. To understand the concept one must first know that the terms Feng and Shui means wind and water respectively. This Chinese faith believes that each and every item on this earth has positive and negative sides. FengShui actually lets people try to place positively featured objects to fight against the negative things in the home.

Do not let the concern what is FengShui conflict the mind. Browse the Internet and thousands of things will be displayed about this belief.

More and more people in the world are trying to follow the principles of FengShui and are turning out their miserable lives into happy ones. One can make good use of the belief in establishing peace, prosperity and well being in the home or work area. People residing in the home will have good times in their lives by application of FengShui concept in everyday living. People who visit the home or work place having positive force of FengShui understand its advantages well and good.

Different forms and implementation of FengShui in daily lives

At first, one must know the underlying facts of FengShui to get complete answer to what is FengShui. One must study the matter properly and try to identify the objects emitting positive and negative energies in the home and office environment. One then need to remove the things having hazardous effect on their life and should add the things that will have positive effects on their well being. One must have inner aesthetic sense to decorate the home according to the FengShui belief.

In order to give boost to the career of the individuals living in a home, one should introduce the Koi fish in the northern side. The photos of waterfalls or beautiful lakes having black and blue borders will enhance the career opportunities. One will feel better in the working environment and will get success than before when they try Feng Shui.

Fire signs and pictures can bring positive changes in the reputation of the residents living in a home. One must place fire related objects or pictures in the south corner of the home to gather back his long lost reputation. Red pictures of rocks and stunning red lights can work like magic. Horse pictures can also work instead. In case you want to buy picture frames for your home in bulk or want to get them for selling, you can check wholesale picture frames online at an affordable price.

Prosperity and wealth can be brought in the home if one can place a golden frog in the south east portion of the room. The frog must be within bushes and green bamboos for better effects.

Love can be brought back in life by placing rose quartz or bright flowery pictures in the south eastern corner of the bedroom. One can become fertile by keeping pictures of elephants in the home. Foot prints of Lord Buddha can bring nice fortunes for the children of the family.

Eastern side must be given power for gaining good health. What is FengShui is no longer a completely strange topic. Many people have been benefitted from this great science and will continue to enrich their lives by practicing it. One must confidently answer the question what is Fengshui to his friends and relatives if has experience of its good effects.

Chinese Feng Shui – To Enhance The Energy In Your Home

Chinese Feng Shui is applied to make healthy energy flowing throughout a particular place in your home. When healthy energy flows around a person, he/she feels good. And, the good feeling makes his/her resonance to feel lighter. This lighter resonance offers a feeling of happiness, well-being and vitality. Moreover, it creates good health as well.

According to experts there are lots of Chinese Feng Shui tips to enhance the energy in your home. Some of them include the following;

Keep house clean

Keeping your house clean and tidy is one of the foremost Feng Shui tips to follow for all. Clutter and dirt makes you stay in lower resonance. Lower resonance makes you feel heavy and it leads to cause diseases, depression, etc. When you make your home tidy, you will feel healthy, having fresh air and high resonance.

Concentrate on the center of home

As per this Chinese Feng Shui tip, you need to always keep the center of your home clean and tidy. Consider this area as an earth element and make your health energy stronger by putting objects symbolizing the earth such as plants in big pots, pottery, rocks, and sculptures. Also try to use earthy colors such as browns, terra cotta, yellows and golds.

If there is a washing machine or bathroom in the center of your home, then your energy is going down the drains. So, shut down the doors or toilet, keep the washer lid down, make the shower or sink drains closed when you don’t use it. Put a mirror on the external area of the bathroom door to drive back the energy into the home.

Place plants inside home for adding vibrant energy

Place healthy, lush and vibrantly green plants inside your home. Avoid spiky and weeping plants such as mulberry and windows because they can bring depression. Bedroom is one of the most important areas to place healthy plants, as you spend a lot of your time resting and refreshing there. So consider adding some there.

Avoid spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are very unhealthy because their corkscrew design generates a downward energy. If you have spiral staircases, then apply some additions such as; put a large potted plant beneath the stairwell and send it upward. Put another plant at the upper part of the stairs to pull the energy up when you climb them. Cover the handrail with a green silk vine, which will expel healing energy when you walk up the stairs.

Avoid electric items at your bed

Keep electric items including phones, radios and phones away from your bed. These electrical items have lower resistance and take up vital energy from you. So you should avoid them at your bed.

Ensure air is fresh and healthy

Use air filters in your home areas where allergies or unhealthy air are an issue. To keep air passing at all the areas of your home is a wonderful idea so apply this Chinese Feng Shui tip to avoid all kinds of allergies.

To conclude, Chinese Feng Shui tips can make a great impact in increasing the energy in your home. So, apply these proven tips and feel and pass on vibrant energy in your home to live healthy, happy and prosperous.

Feng Shui and Its Importance in Home Décor

Feng Shui is a Chinese art of placement of things in a house that helps in creating a positive energy. It helps in creating an atmosphere of happiness and harmony within a house.

The practitioners of  Feng Shui believes that by arranging the furniture and other décor items in the house as per the Feng Shui principle one can create a feel good environment within the house. Following the principles of Feng Shui, right from the front door to the rear, ensures our overall well being.

Here are few Feng Shui tips that should be kept in mind while decorating a house.

  • Feng Shui should be applied in the house even before construction begins. While drawing out the plan for the house, make sure that the placement of the entrance door, window etc are as per the Feng Shui principles. For an already constructed house make the necessary changes in the structure to comply with the Feng Shui principle. For eg: as per Feng Shui principle, the main door and rear door should not fall in the same line as it can drain out the positive energy entering the house. If, by chance both doors fall on the same path, then an obstacle in the form of a plant should be placed to prevent the draining of positive energy.

  • While doing up the interiors of the house also, make sure that the Feng Shui principles are followed. As per Feng Shui, an aquarium is supposed to bring wealth and good fortune. Hence keeping an aquarium in front of the house or on the living room is sure to bring prospects. Crystal figurines have the ability to absorb negative energy. Hence one can go for crystal figurines of lotus, rabbit etc which also serve as a decorative piece. But make sure that the room is not cluttered with lots of such decorative pieces, as a cramped up room can invite negative energy. Another decorative piece that can be kept in living room is Bagau mirror as they can control the flow of energy within the house.
  • When it comes to dining room décor, round dining table is considered to be the best as circle signifies heavenly blessing. Make sure that the chairs are even in number.  In case the dining area has any exposed beams, try to neutralize its negative effect by hanging two Feng Shui flutes at 45 degree angle on the beam, one at each end.
  • Feng Shui principle states that when it comes to bedroom décor, under no circumstance the bed should be placed opposite the door as it implies coffin position. Bed should be placed facing the wall. Bedroom should be decorated using peaceful colors like blue and green. When it comes to using decorative items, “double it up” is the principle of Feng Shui. Hence it is a wise idea to place two table lamps on both sides of the bed.
  • Feng Shui assumes great importance in kitchen décor as its principles consider food as wealth. As per the Feng Shui principle, the stove, refrigerator and sink should be kept diagonally opposite so as to create a triangle. But at the same time the person doing the cooking should be able to view other persons entering the kitchen. Mirrors can be kept on the wall in case there are any obstacles to this principle.

Feng Shui is meant to bring about peace and calm within the house. Decorating the house as per the Feng Shui principles is not a daunting task as simple things like wind chimes, flowers, crystal figurines etc are used for décor. A little knowledge of Feng Shui and the correct placement of items go a long way in making your life happy and peaceful.

Author Bio:

The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specializing in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area.

Top 10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui home tips help occupants to keep flowing healthy and vibrant energy into the home. There are lots of Feng Shui tips to make this possible.

1- Make energy flowing freely through home

Ensure that enough energy is flowing freely through the entrance door and exit way of your home. Remember that sharp angles, clutter, storage areas and crannies and nooks can loosen up vibrant energy, which cause to become lazy and unhealthful, so it’s better to avoid them.

2- Avoid impeded views

Check whether your entrance way has any impeded views to the back door. If your home has any, then block it with screens.

3- Place hanging plants inside home

Train tracks, busy streets, airplane flight paths, etc produce negative energy to enter your home. You can place trees, hanging plants, shrubbery, etc to slow down this negative energy. Also, you can use a weathervane or water in the entrance of the home.

4- Make intersections for generating lots of vibrant energy

Ensure your entrance way is well situated. Otherwise it will get bombard with energy that makes relaxation impossible. Place a mirror at the entrance of home to avoid negative energy.

5- Keep good balance of happiness and good design

Balance is the significant element of happiness and good design. You have to ensure that all designs and decorations are well balanced to create positive energy.

6- Add furnishings to living room

As the living room is the most important area of your home, you should include positive influences with soft cushions, plants, and a fish tank, if possible.

7- Place foot of bed to the opposite line to the door

As in ancient China, the dead bodies were laid with their feet opposite to the line of the door for easier access to heaven. So, ensure you are not placing your bed in the direct line to the door.

8- Don’t face mirrors towards bed

Since the spirit leaves the body at night and may get upset by seeing its reflection, it is recommended as per Feng Shui tips not to face mirror towards a bed. It will cause you a disturbed sleep.

9- Use round dining room tables

Round tables are best for dining because the circle represents heavenly blessings. Keep the dining room chairs an even number. Also ensure that these are comfortable. Also, make sure that the décor is simple and does not distract while consuming the food.

10- Keep the kitchen balanced with general happiness

As per Feng Shui home tips, food symbolizes wealth and so, kitchen of your home should create general happiness. Make your kitchen well balanced as the presence of fire and water releases vibrant energy.

Apart from these Feng Shui home tips, you can also make your own modifications in certain areas in your home as per your convenience. For example, bathroom is the most energy filled room in a home according to Feng Shui. So, you can add Yang elements, bright colors and candles in the bathroom. Feng Shui tips recommend creating a pleasant view at the garden as well.

Hope these Feng Shui tips help you in creating beautiful, healthy and happy home.