Have Your Bathroom Say Something: 5 Beautiful Bathroom Tips

It’s exciting to fill that new house with special touches that say something about you. From the kitchen to the bedrooms, this is a chance to really express yourself. The new bath offers a perfect opportunity for designing personal space, so enjoy making it all yours. Here are five beautiful bathroom tips that are sure to brighten up this busy room.

1. Flatter yourself with lighting

Overhead fixtures illuminate the bath, but they cast light downward and throw shadows that don’t really reflect your good looks. Take a tip from the movie stars, and install lights around the edge of the vanity mirror. From morning makeup to night time beauty treatments, you’ll see everything in a better light.

Not only will this make you look better in the bathroom, it is also a very in style. It is not a standard in houses these days, so it will absolutely look like an extra you have added yourself, adding value and personality.

Bathroom tips

2. Go green with shelving

Cover those bare walls with rattan or bamboo shelves filled with your favorite plants. All that greenery laps up the humidity when you shower, and it gives the room a lovely, natural appeal. Trailing ivy, dramatic spider plants and exotic orchids are beautiful choices for softening the edges around your bathroom.

3. Enjoy faucet fashion

Replace those old fixtures, and put a little style in the sink. If you’re a traditionalist, indulge in elegant brass with an antique finish and finely carved detail. Create contemporary flair with the silver curve of stainless steel arched faucets featuring finger touch controls. New fixtures are a small change that you’ll appreciate every day.

It is also an easy way to have a lot of impact of the room and give it a definite style and look. Just by picking the right hardware, you can covey a new look and feeling in those close quarters.

4. Give the shower real style

Save the old shower curtain for drop cloth duty, and hang something truly chic. Today’s curtains feature lovely cotton and linen blends that add soft texture and personal style to the bath. Brighten up the room with a splashy floral pattern, or set a romantic mood with pretty voile ruffles.

5. Fall in love with a tub

Replace that plain white fixture with a model toned in flamingo pinks or brilliant blues. Put charm the bath with an antique claw-footed replica, or install a contemporary tub styled like modern art. From deep tubs for soaking to asymmetrical shapes for drama, choose a tub you love.

When you think about how much time you spend in the bathroom, it makes sense to create a space that you really enjoy. Throughout our beautiful state of Colorado, new homes present many wonderful decorating opportunities, but don’t overlook the potential in that bathroom. Whether you make it sing or turn it into a quiet retreat, it’s all yours, so let it say something special.

Excellent Bathroom Tips: Remodeling and Renovating your Bathroom

“Bathroom”, yes is one of the primary places where you enter to keep yourself fresh, relaxed and clean. Thus it itself should be a place in your home where elegance, style and mood match your desires. Remodeling and renovation of your bathroom is not a fuss unless you plan ahead and install the right amenities matching your budget and taste.

You can get advice from experts and you can research the internet for clues and the right places where you can get items for your bathroom. Don’t get carried away by models and items that are cheap and appearing to look good. Look for quality items and original manufacturers.

You can even get their comment by calling them via phone or e-mail. Get to know where their products can be purchased.  These manufacturers can also be consulted for the styling of your entire bathroom because a host of them produce many accessories that fit their brand identity.

Discuss with your family and understand their requirements in respect to home improvement tips. This is the first step. The next step is to look into their desires. These desires could be the shades you want painted in your bathroom or the type of covering you would like to have on the curtains and basins. This could be shiny linen of cozy cotton.

Lighting your bathroom with designer lights can provide an enhancing beauty to the colors of the walls. These items are available in plenty and fit to a wide variety of budget plans. Don’t waste your money unless you want lavishness and splendor. Bathroom fittings are available to the modest commoner to an extravagant king or prince.

Plan the storage areas of your bathroom. A lot of clutter can spoil the look and feel. Use new and modern closets which can be handled with ease and look lively. The dressing table or vanity need not occupy most of the space. A linen closet with a spaced and uncluttered vanity is a good home improvement tip. The vanity need not be too small or too big.

You can even install a pedestal instead of a vanity if you have space constraints. The bathroom should look un-cramped and spacious. Install heater systems and piping with the help of an expert. This is because you can spend some money on utilizing his or her skills rather than making costly mistakes which will only drain your money and leave your bathroom incomplete.  Use flooring which is not slippery and has good looks and not prone to water leaks if you have another living space below your home.