Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Getting The Job Done Yourself

Kitchen becomes dirty and tired after regular use. And therefore your kitchen needs some refurbishment after regular wear and tear. One needs to change the look of the kitchen to freshen up the beauty of the home.

Painting kitchen cabinets with light shades may enhance the look of your kitchen as well as complete home. The space looks huger with use of subtle colors. Cabinets generally are made from wood and veneer and can be colored from time to time.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Improve the Look of Your Home

Regular use of oil and spices in the kitchen make the cabinets greasy and look ugly. Professional Home Painters must be given responsibility to take a look at the condition and suggest ways of painting kitchen cabinets.

Painting kitchen cabinets

Care should be taken about using good quality paint while painting kitchen cabinets. This will not only help it make more durable and long lasting but also helps in making them look more beautiful and shining.

Frames and outer cabinet coloring will do the magic in the kitchen and should be dealt with special care. Proper planning must be done before hand to avoid complications later on.

The entire project may take few days to complete. In case of budget restrictions, one can only cater to the outer surfaces and leave the inside surfaces for application of painting in future.  Doing the outside of the cabinets will take much less time and energy for the home owner and therefore can be dealt easily with the DIY technique.

Preparatory Phase:

All the hardware must be disconnected from the cabinets for making the painting kitchen cabinets job fast and easy. Also the doors must also be removed.

The cost of hardware is quite high. Therefore good care should be taken to get the paint off from the surface of the hardware. These can be kept separately in garage or in solution helping to discolor the previous paint. After removing the paint, the hardware should be cleaned with soapy water. Scrubbing will make the hardware look fresh and well cleaned.

The surface of the cabinets to be painted should be properly cleaned and made grease free by scrubbing. Sand paper is then used to give a fast rub to the surface for making it rough to make the paint adhere in better way.

Painting Phase:

  • Painting is done carefully by using the brush followed by spray paint. The cabinet frames must be done first followed by one surface.
  • One surface must be done at a time in a well ventilated region. Make sure to dry the paint well before putting the second coating.
  • After completing painting of one surface, another surface must be done.
  • If there is time and energy, three coats should be applied for painting kitchen cabinets.


Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer is a wonderful sprayer that recommends using. This is easy and clean to use for even home moms or teenagers.

Assembling Phase:

After completion of the painting and drying work, proper assembling is required. The hooks and the screws must be kept at proper places to locate in order. Complete assembling must be done with care and attention.

Make sure all the parts are replaced in correct manner. One must be patient while doing the work. Hurrying may not dry the paint properly and the look may be bad. Make minds up before painting kitchen cabinets. Give a renovated appeal to the kitchen and make the cooking experience look better than before.