How to Clean a Comforter at Home

Nothing can match the feeling of comfort and warmth felt while snuggling into a cozy comforter at night. But cleaning a comforter can turn into a nightmare for many!

Keeping the comforters clean is essential for healthy living as the clogged dust in the comforter can cause health problems. Just the thought of washing a comforter gives goose bumps to people and many a times due to this people avoid the pleasure of comforters.

Buying a comforter might not be so expensive as much as maintaining it can be. The easiest option is to send it for dry clean but it can prove heavy on your pocket. How about washing it at home?

Cleaning Comforter

Some fabrics can be easily washed at home in washing machine or by hand but there are fabrics like velvet, silk etc that cannot be washed at all. Make sure to buy a comforter that comes with a ‘washable’ tag and easy to maintain fabrics like cotton.


Yes you can wash a comforter at home! Here are some tips that will help you in washing your comforter easily at home.


Make sure to read the washing instructions on your comforter. Every fabric has a different need and a different wash care. Go through the instructions regarding the detergent, wash, temperature and drying.


Clean the top surface of the comforter with a vacuum cleaner. It will help in removing minute dust particles and will ensure a perfect clean.


Wash the comforter in a mild detergent. Avoid using detergents that have high concentration of bleach as it can harm the texture as well as the color of the fabric.


During a machine wash, run the machine on the mild cycle. Don’t wash any other clothes along with the comforter.


Comforters that require hand wash can be a pain to wash. Finding a big area to wash it comfortably can be a problem. A bathtub would be a good option in this case.


Choose a large capacity dryer to dry off the comforter. Dry it at low heat. Avoid drying it under direct sun, if drying normally. Dry it under shade as this will help in keeping the look of the comforter intact.


After drying make sure to steam iron it in order to ward off the wrinkles. The wrinkles can be an ugly sight if not taken care of.


Fabrics like silk, velvet etc cannot be washed. Make sure to check if they are marked ‘washable’ which is a very unlikely situation. Comforters with such fabrics are to be dry cleaned only.

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