Factors That Determine Home Inspection Cost

One very important factor to consider when you want to invest in a property is its physical and structural condition. The most effective way to find out exactly the current condition of the property is through a building inspection. This is to find out for sure the real value of the property and whether it will be a good investment or not.


Home inspection requires expertise and experience, you cannot just rely on yourself to assess a property because you are not trained for it. Today it’s not difficult to find a good building inspector that can help you with your house inspection. There are so many of them if you just do a simple search in google.

The home inspection cost also not too expensive considering the amount of value they can offer that can save your investment. home inspector companies are offering their services with different rates, it’s important for you to know the reasonable rates for building inspections. Not only to avoid companies that charge too high for an inspection, but also to take a little closer look on companies that charge too low, because probably they charge such low rate because they cannot deliver high quality service.

Here are some common factors that determine home inspection cost:

What The Service Include

Standard home inspections usually include the checking of electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, internal and external facade, roofing, etc. However, you could make some specific requests about additional services you need such as pest inspections among other things. These additional services will of course require you to pay some extra charges. Alternatively, you can order a home inspection package that includes home and pest inspection. Usually you can get a lower price if you order such package.

Property Size

Most home inspectors will give quotation based on the area needs to be covered during the inspection. Usually they also have a basic rate for average size buildings. Average size buildings usually refer to properties that have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms or less. This means that if your property has more than 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, there will be some extra charges you need to pay.

You also have to pay extra charge if you have some extra buildings on your property such as a garage or warehouse that you want to be inspected.

License, Experience and Expertise

A lot of house inspector companies who offer their services on a low rate usually don’t have license, that’s why to compete with licensed inspectors, they usually offer their services with a low rate. It doesn’t mean that these building inspectors are not skillful, they just don’t have a license that can verify it. So should you take such tempting offer? It’s true that not all of these unlicensed inspectors are lack of skills, but it would be better to find a licensed inspector, because you would know for sure that these inspectors are capable of doing their job. Paying a little higher for a proper inspection is a good thing to do in securing your investment.