Designer Candles For A Stylish Indoor

Accessories play a very important role in home décor. Whether it is a small rose on a table or paintings by Picasso it has its own charm. There is not a single room in the house where accessories are not used. While in the living and bedroom accessories are used for beautification, in dining room, kitchen and bathroom it is used for its utility element.

One of the most important accessories used for home décor is Designer Candles. A room decked with aromatic designer candles provides soothing relief not only for your eyes but also for your other senses. No wonder the modern shops selling designer candles have a separate section for these sixth sense products.

In earlier times, the purpose of candle was only to provide light. But now there is a big change. Apart from lighting purpose, it is also used for therapeutic and beauty purposes. It can also bring in the mood of season and festivity in the house.

Designer candles can be of different varieties like tea light candle, votive candles, chunk candles, crafty candles and comes in different sizes, height, dimension etc. Similarly it is also available in a variety of fragrances like rose, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood etc. Depending on the purpose and way it is put to use, one can select from all these varieties. When it comes to living room décor, there are different ways in which it can be arranged.

A focal point can be created in the living room by grouping together candles of the same color, or arranging similarly designed candles according to height. Candles can also be used to enhance other décor items like placing candle in front of a photo, painting or figurine etc. When it comes to dining room décor, a candle light dinner can set in a romantic mood.

Votive candles can be used for this purpose. It is better to use non-scented candles in dining area as it can obscure the scent of food. The votive candles can also be used in bedroom or bathroom for a more relaxing experience. Place votive candles around the bath tub and fill the tub with lukewarm water and rose petals. Nothing can be more soothing for your senses.

Designer Candles – An Indispensable Part of Festive Décor

Whether it is for birthday, Christmas or Easter, candles are a necessity. Number candles for birthday, Christmas tree candles and santaclaus candles during Christmas, easter egg candles during easter are all part of the celebration. Floating candles are an added attraction during poolside parties.

Color also plays an important role while selecting candles. For birthday candles, the usual practice is to go for pink candles for girl’s party and blue candles for boy’s party. Christmas tree candles are normally green and santaclaus candles red. Easter egg candles are available in almost all color. What matters more is the shape of the candle. Similarly floating candles are also available in myriads of color.

Before purchasing candle, one should have a clear idea as to the purpose for which it is put to use. If it is used as a décor item in the living room, then the candle should go well with the theme and color of the room. The containers and plates used to hold the candle should also complement the décor.

If candles are meant to decorate coffee table or side tables, then votive candles can be used. Candles can also be used to accent cabinets and countertops. Mixing and matching candles and other décor items of the same color can add to the beauty of the room. In kitchen or dining room, candles in the shape of fruits can be used as a décor piece. There are chandeliers with candle holders where pillar candles can be used.

Whatever the type and purpose for which candle is used; one has to make sure that it is handled with care and caution. Children should not be allowed to play with candles under any circumstance. As for the purchase of candles, the innumerable online and offline shops selling candles of different sizes and shapes has made the task an easier one.

May the glow of candle lighten up your life always!

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