Creating a Games Room

If you have a spare room in your home and some fun friends and family members then what you may in need of is a games room!

A games room makes a great addition to the home, whether you have a large family or live alone, it provides fun and amusement for all. Today we are going to go through the game room essentials to make sure you have covered all of your basics to make your games room one to be enjoyed all year round!

1.)   Jukebox

Every games room needs a jukebox, because it needs to look and feel like a playful atmosphere. Juke boxes come in various styles and shapes and so you can choose one that is customized to the look at that you want it to have.

You can also buy jukeboxes that are coin operated, or have a stereo that looks and operates like a jukebox, but doesn’t require coins to get started…a games room must!

2.)   Bold Colours

A games room is unlike any other room in the house, in that it is designed to be stimulating rather than relaxing. For this reason, bright bold colours, (often more than one) in reds, greens and yellows mixed with blacks make excellent shades for a games room.

3.)   Pool Table

A games room is not complete without a pool table, and pool tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. UK pool tables tend to be smaller and so will leave you more space for other things, whereas American pool tables are bigger and brighter.

If you do need a pool table for your games room, you will also need pool cue hanging which can be fixed to the wall, or sit on the side like a stand. The one you go for is really up to you.

4.)   Play centre

Whether you are more of a Nintendo Wii, a little bit Xbox, or 100% Playstation in your gaming styles, there is nothing more enjoyable than a dedicated gaming space to play on with mates. Games rooms  that have a dedicated corner or space to computer games can look and feel fantastic – all you need is a decent flatscreen, or projector with some comfy bright coloured bubble sofas and off you go!

Computer gaming areas in a games room work best when they are modern: so you will need sofas that are close to the ground and allow sitters to lean forward, and a good spongy matt on the floor between the seats and the screen to make sure that you can jump out of your seat and rock around whenever necessary.

5.)   Lighting

Games rooms have lighting that highlights the entertainment parts of the room, and the more control you have over the lighting the more favours you do to the mood of the different parts of the room. This means pool table lighting over your pool table, spot lighting over your play centre and general lighting for the rest of the room.

6.)   Drinks

You cannot and must not have a games room without refreshments nearby, as the last thing you need whilst you are playing is a reminder that the rest of the house and all of the associated chores that go with it is still there. Keeping some drinks in the games room is a great way to enhance the room.

Whether you install a full blown bar, or simply add a large, brightly coloured oversized SMEG fridge: drinks have to be present in all games rooms.


Ben writes about decoration and home improvements, he currently works for an equipment hire company and loves to renovate his home.