How To Save Your Garden From Pests

With the threat of global warming looming large, it has become critical to increase the greenery all around the world. What better way to start this than start from your home? If every house has a small garden, every individual will be contributing in their own small way. If you already have a garden, good for you!

Here in this article we discuss some of the ways by which one can easily save their garden from pests. Read further on, to understand some of the parameters that you need to watch out for.

Save garden from pests

Garden pests

Garden pests can affect gardens of any kind – Vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, etc. The garden pests can trouble plants in so many ways:

  • They draw away the nutrients from the soil.
  • By infecting the fruits and seeds of the plants.
  • They deteriorate the quality of fruits. (not visible, but can be detected by taste or other chemical tests)
  • They eat into the plant stem blocking the nutrients flowing into the plant. This can result in the plant withering away.

How to tackle them?

According to Pest Control Pro Jupiter FL there are multiple techniques available to tackle the garden pests. Employing these techniques in an effective way can help you in tackling the problem of pests in your garden. Some of them are:

Natural Pesticides: This is the most common way of garden pest control. These pesticides directly affect the pests, but cause less harm to the plants and their fruits. These pesticides are made of natural ingredients.

Attract insects that feast on these pests: By creating small dwelling places for these insects or using plants or flowers that attract these kinds of insects, you can help these insects get a home while they help you get rid of the garden pests!

Companion planting: This is known to be an Organic garden pest control solution. This involves planting a species that either emanates a smell that is an irritant to the garden pests. So, by planting this kind of species next to your fruit or vegetable plant, you are saving your plant from pests. For example: Marigold is used as a companion plant for vegetables like Asparagus, Eggplant, etc.

Biological Control: This includes using parasites and predators that feast on these pests, to help protect your plants.

Raised soil beds: If your problem is with rodents of any kind, then you can elevate your soil bed or have a raised bed for your gardening, then you can get rid of rodents that harm your produce.

Rotation: Re-locate your plants periodically, in order to prevent disease build up or soil deterioration.

Wildlife Removal: Steps To Be Taken To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home

When bats flock your home and decide to make a particular area of your house as their dwelling, then it is time that you take quick action to get rid of the unwanted creatures from your home. Gnawing and scratching sounds, droppings that don’t look like of your pet are signs that wildlife has penetrated in your home. Arranging a wildlife removal plan is the first step you need to take to ensure your home is free from all traces of wildlife at the earliest.

Bats in your home

Bats in your home

If you are not aware, bats are one of the most protected wildlife species across the world. Harsh penalties are delivered if anyone is found mistreating them. Hence, evicting bats from your home is a complicated task at hand. The protection law also states that eviction of bats can be done only at a specific time of the year.

According to the protection law, when young bats are born, they need to be first treated as welcome guests in the home till the time they can fly freely on their own. This period lasts from early spring till September.

To add to your problems, the amount of bat droppings considerably increases during the period when the young bats are reared. The size of bat colonies grows every year and each year, they almost double in numbers. The young bats that learn to fly on their own preferably like to be a part of the nest in the home and will most probably choose the spot of birth as their home. Hence, quick action should be taken without which the population of bats will grow immensely and the problem will soon go out of hand.

We are a wildlife removal company in Florida and have the right training, experience as well as the required license to trap and get rid of unwanted wildlife creatures from any nook or corner of your home, be it the basement, attic or even the yard of the house. Being a skilled wildlife remover, we have the right knowledge of the various traps to be used to trap different kinds of wildlife creatures. Also, we ensure no harm is done to the creatures while trapping them and know how to safely trap the creatures.

Apart from providing wildlife removal services, we also take the necessary steps to ensure that these creatures do not re-enter your home or take shelter in any other part of your home once they are forcefully evicted from their spot. If the population of bats increases considerably, they will choose to find out some new spot to build their nest.

Also, when they are forced out from one corner, they will locate another corner and make it their shelter in your home. No place in the home can be off limits for them and they can build their nest even between walls or inside the chimney. Hence, it is critical to block access to all points of entry. Blocking access is indeed the best option to ensure these wildlife creatures do not gain entry in your home.

Is Your Home Infested with Mouse? Check For Steps to Keep them Away

The pests in your home can be most active and harmful for the children. The small pests at home can be the fury rats/mouse that roam around your home and thinks it is the best place after the garden where they have their holes to stay. They have poor visual prowess and so relies on taste, touch, sounds and smell of the things around them.

Mouse Infestation in your Home

Mouse Infestation in your Home

The hairs and whiskers also guide them against any enemies or darkness. They are cautious and prowl mostly in darkness and when they find food, they drag it to a corner which is safe for them. These keen senses of smell make it easy for you to place a bait of food and set a trap to get to them.

You will find the mouse are invading your home if you are aware of scratching sounds from dark corners of your home and if you find small things or food left at any open area disappearing for good. You may find some droppings and a particular smell of ammonia in some cool but dark places.

They mostly live in corners of wooden furniture and in holes in the garden and they bite into woods and corners of doors to create a place for them to enter your home. You will find shredded newspapers and fabrics in the corners and other soft material and they have their young ones stuffed inside them for safety.

How to Keep Them Away

The mouse need to be kept away from your home and you can do a few things yourself to help in the process. The main thing is sanitation and this is has to be maintained without any lethargy so that they do not come back to your home. The buildings and its surrounding must be kept clean so that they do not find shelter and food near the house and move away to other places.

The off-the floor storage of boxes, pipes and gardening equipment makes it easier for keeping them away from your house. You must also make sure the regular debris are cleared and thrown away from the house and the pets at your house are fed the proper quantity and then after they finish, the food has to be cleaned so that the rats do not find a regular feeding ground.

Getting the Help of Mouse Control

Many people are known to be affected by mouse related issues in their home. Their private or commercial spaces are infected with mice that are a health concern. In such scenarios they have to resort to mouse control. If someone’s business is infected with mice then there is a probability that it can affect their reputation. It can also affect the walls, wiring and furniture. That’s not the end of the problems; it can also lead to a series of health related issues.

Well there are many organizations that offer a variety of mouse control methods and ways that would not only help you to get rid of the mice in your premise but also prevent further mice breeding on your ground. You know there is a sign of concern if you see mice droppings all around, if your upholstery and paper is bitten in pieces and if your corners are converted to mouse nests.

Things to Look at Before Getting Mouse Control Help

Remember that without mouse control the mice may threaten the humans by spreading diseases; it may damage your products and may spoil the food. Here are the steps that one can take to take stock of the situation and incorporate mouse control:

1. Appoint trained experts who would help to get rid of these rodents by setting mouse traps and insecticides.
2. You can place mouse guards on your property to ensure that they are not damaged by these rodents
3. A regular exercise to kill the mouse must be imposed that would ensure that such a situation does not arise in future.
4. Ensure that the rodents do not convert your premise into a breeding ground that’s not dangerous and unhygienic
5. Ensure that your pets are well vaccinated to prevent them from getting harmed from mouse bites.

There are many mouse control organizations and enterprises that perform the above list of duties to ensure that the place is not infected with mice any more. These organizations are known to do regular checks to ensure that the steps taken by them to combat the mouser are successful and do not fall apart.

There are many online mouse control set ups that can come to your premise and help you in getting rid of the mice at an affordable charge. A simple search on Google would spring up a list of such mouse control set ups.

Need Help In Controlling Termites In Your Home

Home is where the heart is. In your abode, you will want your family to unwind and the pets you choose to stay. However, chances are that you end up having uninvited ‘guests’ in your home. No, the reference here is not to the relatives or nosy neighbors! The reference is to the wood dwellers, termites or white ants as they are sometimes called.

Termites ruin the wood in your home from ceiling to the walls to all your furniture. Before you know it, you will run into thousands of dollars into repair work! Termites usually dwell in hundreds or thousands in the form of nests or colonies. These are made at different places and they travel underground to get into your home. So getting rid of these termites is not a one day task.

Control Termite

Pro-active measures

Below mentioned are the most common things you can do to avoid termites.

  1. Consider having a Pest control strategy in the checklist for building a home
  2. While building a home, select your wood carefully – treated wood would be a good option
  3. Get rid of shrubs and old tree stumps
  4. Make provision for good below-the-floor ventilation
  5. Deal with leaking taps, cracks in your roof, pipes, gutters
  6. Engage a good Pest control expert with proven experience in termite management
  7. Schedule periodic inspection of your property from the Pest control expert (Yes, even if you ‘think’ there are no termites)

Reactive measures

These measures include things you have to do to get rid of termites. Get a Pest control expert to assess the situation. Depending on the nature and extent of damage, the pest control group will assess the scale of termite infestation in your home. They also inspect any leaking taps or holes that are tunneling the termites into your home and then tackle these effectively.

There are different modes of tackling termites depending on the nature of infestation. If the infestation is:

Small Scale – Spraying chemicals will help. But remember, that termites can be eliminated in a single spray or day. It will take a routine to first eliminate the termites existing and then to completely get rid of them

Large Scale – There is a new chemical which is apparently undetectable by the pests, which are picked up by the termites and they carry this chemical to their colonies (where they breed), and pass this on to the entire colony. This chemical gets rid of them.