Things to Think about When Planning a Kitchen Floor Plan

The wonderful thing about rebuilding or revamping a house is that you can produce that dream kitchen you’ve always dreamed about. It can be relief when you have nightmares of the cramped kitchen that was laid out by a blind person whose taste in kitchen appliances was medieval.

The Floor Plan

Before pulling out those tools to start creating your perfect kitchen you should consider starting with a floor plan. This will assure that you have enough room for all of your dream appliances without losing valuable counter space that could make Thanksgiving dinners a pain to cook.

If you’ve never created a floor plan, be sure to browse some professional floor plans to get the creative juices flowing and all of the technical aspects down. If you doubt your drawing skills, there are websites that allow you to create floor plans for a cheap monthly fee. You can also hire someone to come in, survey the house, talk through what you want, and then create a floor plan of the room.

Kitchen Floor

The Triangle

When creating a kitchen floor plan, you should remember to think in triangles when it comes to the refrigerator, sink, and stove placement. The idea is to be able to maneuver between any of the three locations without much excess walking. It is also recommended that you leave counter space between each of the three points in the triangle. This will allow you to work directly beside each main part of the triangle. If you think back you will no doubt discover that most of the efficient kitchens that you have enjoyed working utilize the work triangle.

Counter Arrangement

The way that the counter is arranged will provide many positive and negative aspects.

A U shape that takes up three walls will provide your kitchen many work areas, so that multiple people and projects can take place at once. Multiple sinks can be included in one kitchen to accommodate more cooks. It can also create multiple work triangles which will make your kitchen more efficient.

On the other hand, this arrangement will not provide many positions for people to sit if you are entertaining while cooking. And the space inside the kitchen could be cramped if the room is not big enough.

Counters arranged in an L shape allow for a conservation of space. All of the major appliances are located along the two walls. The L shape also makes it easier to entertain guests as it leaves an open space that can be filled by tables, chairs, or a movable island.

What is gained in efficiency and entertainment value is lost in the availability of work space. Two walls do not typically provide a lot of work space when space is eaten up by refrigerators and stoves.

The Island Counter can compensate for some of the cons of both the U-shape design and the L-shape counter arrangement.

In the U shape an island can be used in place of one of the regular walls to provide additional seating arrangements for guests. This can limit the space that the U shape takes because people will need a few feet to sit at the counter comfortably. It will also provide an easy location for a cook to sit and work on longer projects.

In the L shape kitchen a movable island can be used to temporarily modify the shape in order to produce an additional work area. This will cut down on the maneuverable area inside the kitchen, but the island can be removed when more people need to maneuver the kitchen at once.

Islands can be used as additional storage areas. Appliances like the stove or the dishwasher can be built into the island. Additional sinks can also be built into the island.

The kitchen is an important part of your home. By creating a floor plan and considering the work triangle, counter arrangement, and kitchen islands, you will go a long way in creating a solid kitchen. Throw in some state of the art kitchen appliances and the kitchen can achieve perfection.

Wade Myer grew up under the watchful eye his father, a contractor, who taught him the tools of the trade. Even though he can swing a hammer with the best of them, he’s always been drawn to the written word where he can frame sentences rather than walls.  Currently he writes on behalf of Steiner Homes LTD. who builds Valparaiso homes.

Gas Grills Reviews – Brands and Types of Grills Available

Gas grills are becoming more popular in day to day life and is therefore a must have for every home. For people who love cooking, there are some popular types of gas grills available in the market. And depending upon your individual requirement you can select the one of your choice from the wide range available.

Gas grills are available in many versions like thirty inch cook top grills and larger grills for commercial usage. A general model has five burners, which are fueled by propane gas. It has a drawer which gets warmed electrically by using the classic thermostat along with the burners.

The cover is made of PVC. It uses approximately one hundred and twenty volts of energy while working. These grills are available with back burners and rod attachments to make it possible if just in case the owner wants to a finger licking rotisserie chicken or roast bacon on it. Normally gas grills are available in different sizes and separate storage rooms to cater customers having differ individual requirements.

Also there are varieties such as:

  • Portable gas grills,
  • Natural gas grills,
  • Propane gas grills,
  • Infrared gas grills, etc.

These are readily available under different names and brands and you may check them out to decide which one is best suited for you.

Gas grills reviews makes buying easier

Looking at and comparing of the grills makes it easier for you to choose the best. You can now refer to the best gas grills reviews and buy these efficient grills from any online store dealing with the product or from a local retailer as well. At we recommend shopping at Amazon as it’s one of the safest and most reliable spot online where people can order anything without any risk.

While buying a grill for your kitchen, make sure you are go for good quality product. Also check out the gas grills ratings while shopping. Most of the grills that are potable are of stainless steel which makes them more effective and durable.

Top Brands

Numbers of brands that are available in the market are worth to check out while making your decision. These are:

  • Weber gas grills
  • Char broil gas grills
  • Lowes gas grills
  • Brinkman gas grills
  • Ducane gas grills
  • Jenn air gas grills
  • Napoleon gas grills
  • Coleman gas grills
  • Charm glow gas grills
  • DCS gas grills
  • Lynx gas grills

Weber gas grills are one of the best rated and is worth to check out. You can also go for some grill accessories like power burners, lights and gas conversion kits so as to make you’re cooking simple, easy and fast. So without any wait do your research at and choose the best gas grill for your home and kitchen.

Check out the Gas Grills on Sale at Amazon which can help you get heavy discounts while making a purchase.

Outdoor Gas Grills – Essential Features and Uses

Outdoor gas grills are an essential part for your personal barbecue or an outdoor kitchen. These grills are fuelled by gas, which is a lot cheaper than charcoal and petroleum furnaces used for grilling.

Gas grills are way cheaper as well and environment friendly too. They do not produce harmful fumes and pollutants in the environment and are therefore a must have for any home. These grills are available in various versions and range starts from about nine hundred dollars.

There are some specified essential features which a gas grill must have. Whenever you go to buy a grill you should look for these features. An ideal outdoor grill should have the following features like:

• High quality of construction
• Life of brass burner
• Stainless steel surface
• Flame regulator and its control


Gas grills easy to use and maintain

Best gas grills are easy to maintain as well. It is like you can turn them on any moment and it will take only a few minutes to heat the grill up. These have the knob to regulate flame density and you can easily tune it as per your requirement.

These are ideal for cooking meat and vegetables completely without paying extra attention to the stuff while grilling. These are relevant for cooking red meat dishes as they need high flame but with different variability in every few minutes. Moreover these grills decrease your work load, as they facilitate easy and cleaner cooking procedures, which you can include in your daily cooking routine too.

Using outdoor gas grills is simpler than ever before

Using the natural gas grills is made simpler than ever before. Even a novice who does not know much about cooking can use them and can effectively cook best food for the family. You will simply love the way it works.

For using an outdoor gas grill, you need much more than a matchbox. Good weather is also very essential for the use of grills so as to make your working go smooth. There are usually three essential elements that are required for using a gas grill. These elements are spark, gas and oxygen.

The spark is usually produced by the igniter. This is a simple device that produces electricity just after a noise. The working of the igniter is quite simple. It contains a spring loaded hammer that hits a crystal inside the igniter. This produces noise and ultimately sparks which is sufficient to light the gas in the grill.

The burner is designed in such a manner that it can mix the gas and oxygen and spread it all over the area. This helps in spreading the heat equally over the whole cooking area and cooks your food faster than any other method. You will also find a pair of electrodes on every burner that are linked to the igniter. This heats the burner quickly and evenly so that your food is cooked delicious.

You can also go for grill smokers that are just perfect for your outdoor kitchen. It allows you to use grilling and smoking simultaneously. Grill smokers produce smoke that comes out from the attachment fastened to the grill. Many best gas grills coming today are potable and are just perfect for camping trips. These grills are easy to use and easy to handle. The best thing about these grills is that it provides delicious flavor to your food.

Furnish Your Kitchen Cabinets with Exciting New Trendy Look and Colors

If you are not a kind of person who believes in all time replacement, then painting kitchen cabinets is the ideal choice for you. Through painting, you can transform the old and messy look of your kitchen cabinet into a new and spruce form. Therefore, to bestow creative look for your kitchen and kitchen cabinets, swap to painting and you can feel the new joy in your house.

Just put a simple coat of fresh, new paints and you can grab a new kitchen outlook. You can then experience very easy and inexpensive remodel with great style and excitement by painting the cabinets in your kitchen.

Choosing Color and Painting of your Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right color is the important part while painting. Mostly, people get confuse with the colors that they see in the paint stores and at the end bring the unsuitable colors at home. If you want to avoid such situation, go for paint testers, and this will lead you to choose the best color of your love.

Test the color on the test area and wait until it dry up completely. Once you get color of your choice, start painting kitchen cabinets and feel the beauty of the cabinets. Take the advice about the colors with your color experts and get best suggestion on the colors that suit your kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is followed through a series of steps that you need to perform while transforming a new look for your kitchen cabinet. These steps include:

First of all remove the doors and other hardware so that you can clean and then paint in an easy form

  • Take some mild soap and a piece of cloth to clean it thoroughly
  • After cleaning, leave it for some time to dry completely
  • Using a sandpaper rough the kitchen cabinet so that it can easily hold the paint for long texture
  • After roughing, use prime as a coat and leave it until it dry up
  • Then experiment with your favorite color and leave to dry them up completely

Above steps will enhance a new, trendy, stylish and creative look for your kitchen. It will also signify your taste of choice in beauty and elegance.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Options Available

Choosing the right kind of colors or paint available in the market help you to get best look in your kitchen. Start painting kitchen cabinets of your choice with different kinds of paint available. Oil based paints and latex paints are the two types of paints that you can choose for your kitchen cabinets.

These days, demand of latex paints is growing rather than oil based. These paints are user friendly, easy to paint and even easy to clean. Therefore, think of your benefit and choose the right one for your kitchen cabinet.

While painting kitchen cabinets, it is important to remember that you have to choose the high quality brush so that you can enjoy smooth and silky texture of the paint. Innumerable paint qualities are also available in the market, and since you have to indulge in best painting always choose the right color and material for your cabinets.

Prices of the paints depend upon their quality. Professional cleaning and painting option is also available for those who run with short time. They will make your work easy and fast with the ultimate innovativeness and exciting change of your kitchen cabinets.