5 Fun Upcycling Home Projects

Is your house slowly starting to look like a serial hoarder lives in it? We all have stuff lying around our homes that serve no purpose yet we are not throwing them away because one day they might come in handy. With the help of upcycling, all these stuff can quickly be turned into something useful and beautiful. Get inspired by these 5 DIY ideas.

  1. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Before: Wine bottles

After: Chandelier

This chandelier would fit perfectly into your dining room, especially if you have a high ceiling and a solid wood table. Take a few empty wine bottle, wash them and remove the labels. With a glass cutting tool, score the bottles near the bottom, and then knock the bottom off with a hammer. Insert the sockets and light bulbs into the bottles. Next, take a wood plank and make circular holes in it in which you will fit bottlenecks. Add hanging chains and suspend your new chandelier from the hook on your ceiling.

Wine bottles as a chandelier

Image credits: Inhabitat

  1. Eclectic Shelving

Before: Wooden crates

After: Footwear shelving

You can pile your shoes in the corner of your entryway forever, or you can make these practical wall shoe boxes. Apple boxes are perfect for this DIY project, but any other kind of wooden crates would do. Take the boxes, sand them well, paint them, and hang them on the wall. Match the color of your new shelves with the rest of the interior. Candy-colored boxes will give a really whimsical touch to your home, while using just a clear wood finish is a much more sophisticated version.

Wooden crates . Eclectic decor

Image credits: Livingwithdaisy.com

  1. Lampshade Vase

Before: Glass lampshade

After: Vase

An outdated and often the last-of-its-kind lampshade has a huge upcycling potential. With a little bit of paint, it can be transformed into a vase or planter. Clean your lampshade thoroughly, then apply primer to it so the top coat would be more durable. When the primer dries well, apply the top color. Add fresh cut flowers to it and place it on a table, or fill it with soil and plants and hang it on your balcony.

Lampshades made into vases

Image credits: Thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

  1. Magazine Chair

Before: Magazines

After: Stool

All those stacks of magazines that you have been collecting can still remain stacks of magazines but with an actual purpose. You will need two thick and strong belts and a pillow. Simply strap the magazine pile with belts and add the pillow to the top. If the pile seems unstable, you can add more belts, just make sure you place them perpendicularly to each other. For a really cool effect, you can put your stool on a wooden plank and mount four casters to the bottom of it.

Magazine stool

Image credits: Thesnug.com

  1. Shiny Backsplash

Before: CDs

After: Mosaic

When it comes to E-waste, usually the only way to prevent hoarding is to hire some eco-minded enterprises like the green rubbish removal from Sydney. However, your old and scratched CD collection can still be transformed into something beautiful – a mosaic backsplash. Cut the CDs with plastic cutting scissors to pieces of desired size and shape. Separate the bigger pieces from the smaller ones, then distribute the bigger pieces over the entire surface where you plan to make the mosaic. Now use the smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. Pay attention to the color of the CDs. They do not all behave the same way when light shines on them. This is precisely the colorful effect you wish to achieve, but make sure you do not group all the CDs of one color in one corner of the mosaic.

CD mozaic

Image credits: Upmade, Instructables


Which project do you like the most? 🙂


Water Saving Irrigation Tips for Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn is an eye-catching feature that virtually anyone can appreciate. It’s one of the first things visitors notice when they pull up to your property and it says a lot about you, as a homeowner. Although it does involve frequent watering, there are a few ways to irrigate your lawn more efficiently and effectively.

Water Saving Irrigation Tips

Here are some water saving irrigation tips for your lawn:

Have Your System Audited

Talk to your local water provider about conducting an irrigation audit of your system. Some providers will perform this service for free, while others may charge a small fee. If yours does not, you can also look for a certified landscape irrigation auditor in your area. The auditor will generate a report based on the condition of your entire system with recommendations on how to fix or improve it. Some may even suggest an optimal watering schedule for each month of the year.

Irrigate in the Mornings

Irrigate during the morning hours, whenever possible. Since it’s cooler in the morning, less water evaporates, increasing the efficiency of your watering. Mornings are also less windy, so the water from your sprinklers won’t get blown into your neighbors yard. Evening watering causes the water to sit on the lawn all night, which may result in plant and turf diseases.

Check for Obstructions

Check for tall grass or shrubs that may prevent proper water distribution. These types of obstructions can deflect your water off elsewhere, causing your lawn to require more water than would normally be necessary. This is even more likely if your sprinkler heads protrude less than 3 inches above the surface. Sprinkler heads that rise up over 4 inches can help even out your water distribution patterns.

Fix Leaks and Stuck Valves

Search for signs of leaks that may result in a waste of water. If there’s water running onto sidewalks and curbs even after the water is turned off, you probably have a stuck valve somewhere. Mold or algae growing along a certain part of the ground indicates a constant flow of water that may be the result of a partially open valve. This may be due to something as small as a grain of sand. If cleaning the valve doesn’t work, replace it.

Replace Your Sprinkler Heads

Another effective way to save water is to upgrade your sprinkler heads if you’re using an older system. Technology has improved considerably in recent years and newer systems are far more efficient than what was available 20 years ago. For example, rotary nozzles are able to cover a greater radius with much less water than older nozzles. Just be sure to select nozzles that have a radius that matches the distance between them.

It takes lots of time and effort to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn. Fortunately, it is possible to cut back on the amount of water required to get the job done. If you have a decent irrigation system, a few minor adjustments may be all that’s needed.

Author Bio

Amber Carpenter is the product specialist at Commercial Industrial Supply , a leading online supplier of industrial filtration products for food manufacturing facilities. Carpenter has a strong understanding of how to solve customer problems and find the appropriate product to fit the customer’s needs.

Homemade Solar Panel: A Brief Introduction

Homemade Solar Panel provides you with the royalty to capture solar energy liberally from the sun. With the help photovoltaic apparatus and a few basic tools, you can easily create your own solar energy panel which helps in supplying your electronic equipments with electricity.

Homemade Solar Panel

Homemade Solar Panel

The rise of energy price has forced the households to search for alternative of electricity to create a power supply for their houses. This is done in the form of household solar power, geothermal power and wind force. Still, the solar energy and power is the widely practiced one sure to its easy setup.

Homemade Solar Panel has been just a shallow box which sports individual solar cells interconnected together into an array. The energy is collected through individual cells hence, the use if right cell is quite important in this.

The very first step taken towards the installation of solar panel is to seek help from a commercial company. However, these days there are DIY solar panels which allow easy assembling of the device. One should be careful regarding the type and size of the solar cells he wants to use.

The more efficient the cell is the better energy it can collect. The efficiency of the solar cell establishes the size of the solar panel. Homemade solar panel educate the standard consumers and teach the know how of DIY assembling of the device and its installation. A good home solar panel is distinctively a great investment which you can make towards your home. It helps in dropping your energy bills by 80%. It reduces the overall carbon footprints.

These days even the government is supporting such solar consumption of energy plants. You are liable to receive grants from government, rebate and tax credits if you go for such energy saving mode of electricity utilization. However, before considering homemade solar power, look for its installation expenses.

For a greener future and an amazing set up, you need to follow the step by step guide and install each solar plan efficiently. It allows operational functionality of your electronic applicant via a new energy source. Just make sure that the solar cells are clean and free from wax.

If you don’t make any mistake during the installation process, then it provides the best source for all your electrical gadgets. However there are few side effects of homemade solar panels such as if you lack the basic technical skills then it can be very difficult to make a good setup. It is quite difficult to produce a high amount of energy through a smaller home made unit of solar panel. Another limitation of this system is that the availability of the supply of energy totally depends on the weather conditions.

So just stop spending hundreds of dollars every month to the electrical board. Reduce your electricity bills and use this affordable homemade solar panel to fulfill your electricity needs. More and more people are adopting this cheap and energy saving means of solar power consumption these days.

Energy Saving Made So Easy for your Home

The subject of home improvement is a vast study. There are lots of websites and blogs that can be found which reveals about the Home improvement tips on saving energy and power are available.

A lot of things starting from the water pipes to the look and grandeur of a house have to be kept in mind. Constant checking of the electrical wiring is required as it is prone to wear off thus leading to hefty power bills. Old bulbs and electrical appliances have to be changed in a timely manner to avoid exorbitant bills.

Renewable Energies : A Best Alternate

Energy saving

Energy saving

Renewable energies are used from long back as an alternate source of energy. Today it is a best help to human kind and is serving a great source of energy where producing energy is very difficult an expensive. More and more natural ways are now utilized and is helping in producing the energy in an environment friendly way.

Energy sources like wind, solar, tidal power, etc are now being used extensively. However at present, there are a small percentage of people in the world who use solar energy for their every day power usage.

Start saving energy now with these excellent tips

Incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy which can be replaced by CFL. A CFL will consume up to 75 % less energy than any other normal bulb. Heaters are very commonly used in the cold countries to keep the rooms warm and cozy. Cooling systems are used in the warm countries.

Along with these equipment furnace, air conditioners and heat pumps are also used. Regular checks at frequent intervals should be carried out to detect any flaws and for effective  energy saving.

The leaky ducts have to be avoided as it may prove too hazardous. If the upkeep of the systems is done on a regular basis then the electricity bills can be kept under the budget. On an average 20 % energy can be saved if this method is followed.

More tips you should look at

When out of home the temperature cannot be controlled. But if a programmable thermostat is purchased then it can automatically manage the temperature inside the house. Due to the temperature contrast between outside and the interiors the window panes as well as the walls also tends to become watery. To save energy the use of insulators should be done.

There is an energy saving windows which are available in the market. This also contributes towards maintaining the electric bill limits. Old windows can be replaced for the new ones.

Heavy electronic goods like refrigerators should be changed every after 8 to 10 years as they are one the large contributors towards high electricity bill. When a refrigerator is purchased it should be using less energy. Other than the conventional model the refrigerators which come with energy star compliant saves up to 50 % of energy.

During the summer use thick drapes to guard the windows and hence the room will not heat up. Thus some energy will be saved. Likewise in the winter time the drapes and the windows should be left open throughout in the day time.

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