3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Heated Towel Rack

When it comes to choosing a towel rack, most people pass on the more expensive versions in favor of the cheaper kinds that merely “get the job done”. “All towel racks are created equal” you say? You couldn’t be more wrong!

Although anything you can hang your towel on will eventually make it dry, wouldn’t you like a heated towel rack that, while also drying your towel, does even more? Take a look below for 3 reasons why you should get a heated towel rack.

1. Everyone Loves a Warm Towel

If you’ve never had the pleasure of getting a nice warm towel after stepping out of the shower, then you have been missing out. Some people are fortunate enough to have a dryer in their bathroom, so even without having a heated towel rack, these people probably already know exactly what I’m talking about.

Once you’ve switched to heated towels, there’s really no turning back! Fortunately a heated towel rack makes getting these nice warm towels after a shower much simpler (and much more energy efficient) than tossing them in the dryer.

Another bonus is that warm towels provide exfoliating benefits for your skin that regular cold towels simply cannot. If you’re concerned with having silky smooth skin, then this might be reason enough to get yourself one of these great racks.

2. No More Mildew Smell

Wet towels, even when properly hung up on an every day towel rack, tend to get smelly after a while. This isn’t so when you use a towel warming rack… the towels dry so quickly that they don’t have time to build up any of that stinky mildew which is what causes them to smell in the first place. What’s the worst part of having a smelly towel?

It makes you smell when you use it! That’s right – getting a  heated towel rack is practically like buying yourself a nice bottle of cologne. You get warm towels AND you smell better. It’s a win-win!

3. You Will Impress Your Guests

Most people are unfamiliar with the luxury of having heated towels… so any time you have guests over who use your shower, they will be greeted with much surprise (and pleasure!) when they exit your shower. In fact, they might be so impressed that you’ll find them coming back to stay at your house again and again. Maybe this isn’t such a good reason after all!

In all seriousness though, one of the biggest reasons we decorate our homes in the first place is to impress any of the guests we happen to have over from time to time. Although aesthetics are king as far as making a good impression, small things like a nice warm towel definitely add a positive touch to the overall experience of staying over at your house. You might not want your friends staying over all the time, but I bet you would like them to think highly of you and your home, and a towel rack that warms your towels is sure to do just that (assuming they use your shower).

Despite these awesome reasons as to why you should get a heated towel rack, you don’t have to take my word for it. Head over to a towel rack retailer (either online or local) and get one for yourself. Heated towel racks used to be extremely expensive, especially around the time when they were first introduced into the marketplace, but as time has passed, the prices have lowered and they are much more affordable now than they have ever been.

A cheaper one can be had for as low as $50, while the more expensive (and more fancy) models can be priced upwards of $750. Yikes! Don’t worry though, because the more modestly priced models are sure to provide you with nice warm towels just like the extremely expensive ones, so don’t be afraid to get one!

Choosing a Best Toilet for Your Bathroom – Things to Keep In Mind

Some of them might be thinking that what is so exclusive to consider when it comes to deciding a toilet for a bathroom. Of course it is equally important to choose a good and quality toilet likewise you hand-picked other bathroom accessories.

Your bathroom and toilet makes a huge difference while you are considering a home renovation. And while picking a toilet the height, size, design and its functioning are the major things that influence your buying decision.

Let’s get down to some of the basic things that would help you to get the best toilet for your bathroom.

Perfect Fit

With today’s advancement there is no field which excludes perfectness and the same is with your bathroom interiors. There are number of toilets available, but not all are the perfect fit. It is believed that the standard rough is usually 12 inches, and with that there is availability of widest inches when it comes to size.

Some people prefers to have a wider bowl which measures up to 28 inches which are of course comfortable, but if your bathroom space is small than it could be a little constrain with other bathroom activities.

Apart from this, comfort also comes into play with the toilet heights. These days some of the brands are offering the toilets which measures few inches taller than the standard ones. Elevated toilets are now a day much catching up the trend because of the fact that they make bathroom more accessible.

Look for the Style

Now you would be surprised about thinking, for what reason you need a style in a toilet seat?

Well, it is. With so many varieties available in toilet, people are choosing varied styles for their bathrooms as that typical mind-set of having a routine toilet is changing. Styles like Wall-faced toilet suites, Concealed toilets, Close coupled toilets, Connector toilet suites, Corner toilets and Flush pipe toilet suites are some of the popular examples which are most picked.

The basic thing to keep in mind while choosing any stylish toilet is they should be easy to clean. We are not talking about the cleaning part from inside, but they should be installed in a way that doesn’t add drama when it comes to cleaning the space under them. Also, the future maintenance should be easy if required to re-open a wall.

Working Technology

Since you are settled with the shape, style and size, you now require finding the toilet that functions well. What would you do if you have got best of best styling toilet, but doesn’t function well or say doesn’t flush properly?

To get the best toilet see the salesperson in the showroom or you can find the detail of your kind of toilet over the Internet. For any person the main concern could be reducing the water bills and conserving more water, so it is important that your toilet technology has vital features.

Get Something Extra

Now you would be thinking what is more remaining to do in a toilet. Of course there are upgrades available that are like little add-ons such as soft closing toilet seats, heated toilet seats etc. which can be added without busting your toilet budget. However; none of these add-ons are necessary, but they are nicer if you have them.

Excellent Bathroom Tips: Remodeling and Renovating your Bathroom

“Bathroom”, yes is one of the primary places where you enter to keep yourself fresh, relaxed and clean. Thus it itself should be a place in your home where elegance, style and mood match your desires. Remodeling and renovation of your bathroom is not a fuss unless you plan ahead and install the right amenities matching your budget and taste.

You can get advice from experts and you can research the internet for clues and the right places where you can get items for your bathroom. Don’t get carried away by models and items that are cheap and appearing to look good. Look for quality items and original manufacturers.

You can even get their comment by calling them via phone or e-mail. Get to know where their products can be purchased.  These manufacturers can also be consulted for the styling of your entire bathroom because a host of them produce many accessories that fit their brand identity.

Discuss with your family and understand their requirements in respect to home improvement tips. This is the first step. The next step is to look into their desires. These desires could be the shades you want painted in your bathroom or the type of covering you would like to have on the curtains and basins. This could be shiny linen of cozy cotton.

Lighting your bathroom with designer lights can provide an enhancing beauty to the colors of the walls. These items are available in plenty and fit to a wide variety of budget plans. Don’t waste your money unless you want lavishness and splendor. Bathroom fittings are available to the modest commoner to an extravagant king or prince.

Plan the storage areas of your bathroom. A lot of clutter can spoil the look and feel. Use new and modern closets which can be handled with ease and look lively. The dressing table or vanity need not occupy most of the space. A linen closet with a spaced and uncluttered vanity is a good home improvement tip. The vanity need not be too small or too big.

You can even install a pedestal instead of a vanity if you have space constraints. The bathroom should look un-cramped and spacious. Install heater systems and piping with the help of an expert. This is because you can spend some money on utilizing his or her skills rather than making costly mistakes which will only drain your money and leave your bathroom incomplete.  Use flooring which is not slippery and has good looks and not prone to water leaks if you have another living space below your home.

7 Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Usually bathrooms are unsurprisingly small, so you need to make the most of the space that you have. That means keeping it simple and appealing to at all times. Despite the small amount of time spent in the bathroom, it is essential to make a good impression. Here are seven tips for a successful bathroom remodel.

1. Maximisation and illusion of space

Bathrooms are supposed to be small, but well-positioned lighting and large, encompassing mirrors optimises the amenity of the room. This is especially necessary if there are no translucent windows and the room is surrounded by other rooms in the house. Make sure this maximisation doesn’t make the room too bright, as it is a great idea to go for a warm or even Chicago noir-styled feeling.

2. Warm look and feel

Most of the time, people go for modern lustrous themes, but your bathroom shouldn’t feel like a kitchen. What you need is a warm look and feel coupled with deep, contemporary neutral colours. The importance of this point is to make sure that you enter and leave the bathroom warmer rather than colder than when you walked in.

3. Removal of unnecessary features

The bathroom is the only room in the house that shouldn’t suffer from clutter. If you don’t need cabinets, don’t have them. Paintings will only get ruined by all the steam and stench. If you won’t use the bath, don’t have one. Do you really need that step to climb into your shower?

4. Source of ventilation

Other than coldness, nothing is worse about a bathroom than stench and humidity. Install a vent if you can’t have a window or if air is always stagnant. This is especially essential if there is a toilet in the bathroom.

5. Feet-friendly floor

Your bathroom floor needs to be relatively warm, non-slippery and look like home. Avoid small square-tiles, outdoor tiles, total white, checkerboard, green, and other flooring that would make your bathroom floor look like a dental clinic rather than your new bathroom. Go for something smooth and warm looking or even go for wooden floorboards.

6. Brick or stone work

Whether it’s the walls, the vanity or even the bathtub, including any form of brick or stone work brings an aesthetic quality to your bathroom that is unmatched. It doesn’t matter what kind of brick or stone you choose as long as it has a relatively neutral tone and it complements the rest of your bathroom. Keep it simple though.

7. Seating

You might want to consider somewhere to sit, other than the toilet. A great idea is to have a shower bench as it not only allows for seating but it also allows for space to put products. Many showers simply offer an alcove, sometimes high up, where the products could easily topple. Seating outside the shower is useful for changing clothes, preparing for the day, or even just resting for a while.

If your bathroom is massive, maybe consider adding a spa pool, a mat and some extra seating. Be careful with storage though. You want enough to access straight away, in case something ruins out and not a single item more. Your bathroom is not your garage. That said, don’t be afraid to add extra features, but leave the technology devices for the living room.

It is important that you have a great bathroom that always feels appealing every time. Make your bathroom look unique and steer very clear from making it look like a hospital or every other generic bathroom. Just remember; warmth, depth, air, stone and seating. Everything else is up to you so it’s time to get to it!