How Can You Improve Your Boring, Bland Bathroom?

First things first, when deciding on how to decorate your bathroom, you should have a starting point – once you figure this out, then you can move forward and begin to develop the interior of your bathroom.

So, where to start? Decide on a colour scheme that you wish to have running through your bathroom, and then the rest will follow giving you a consistent design. Once you have chosen the shade, the accessories that you choose can complement  the decor.

Your bathroom is a place to unwind and also recharge, therefore having a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed is vital. Making bathroom improvements can have a large impact on the feeling of your overall space.

A complete bathroom renovation can be pricey, however there are simple changes that can be made which can improve how your bathroom looks overall. Small improvements can add a modern feel, with a stylish design – they are also easily achievable.


Large Mirror –

The size of your mirror in the bathroom can make such a difference to the overall design, a mirror really opens up the space you are working with – placing the mirror opposite the natural light source creates an illusion of more space within the bathroom. Many mirrors have lighting effects, to create a unique vibe throughout your bathroom.

Pay Attention To Details –

You may have your bathroom suite completed, but the accessories used are what  really give your bathroom a sense of style. Details such as tap fittings, can simply update the look of your basin or bath. You have the option to choose a traditional style to have a more contemporary design, or a more polished finish for a luxurious touch. Ensure that all your fittings match, this will transform your bathroom.

Add A Luxurious Radiator –

When winter is approaching, there is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower into a warm bathroom. A towel radiator can work to warm up the space, and also to warm up towels – this style of radiator can also maximise floor space as they can be positioned anywhere within the bathroom.

Implementing a radiator into your bathroom will automatically update the room, choosing the right one will determine your style. If you choose to have a stainless steel radiator within your bathroom, you will find that the reflective surface gives a polished finish.

Enhance Your Bathroom With Shower Curtains

If you are planning for installing bathroom shower curtains for the showers in your bathrooms, here is a few help for you. Before selecting a bathroom shower curtain, you must be aware of what all options you can have.

Shower curtains come in many types that are characterized on the basis of use, size, color, design, etc. There are ringed shower curtains, hooked shower curtains, hookless shower curtains, etc. Selection among these depends on personal choice and architecture of your bathroom.

Shower curtains

Next characterization is based on size. You can have short, long and extra-long shower curtains for your bathrooms. Shower curtains can also be characterized on the basis of designs and colors. Black and white shower curtains are much popular because of their classy look.

Varieties Available with Shower Curtains

You can have colorful shower curtains for your kids’ bathroom. Kids shower curtains comes in many designs like cartoons, animals, etc. You can get readymade bathroom shower curtains or get them made to order completely customized by selecting fabric, design, color, size, etc. according to your requirement.

If you are bored with your old bathroom and do not want to spend a big amount of money in its renovation, then made to measure curtains can be a good option for you. Shower curtains give your bathroom a complete new and classy look without costing you a lot.

Bathroom shower curtains come in various designs, colors and sizes to suit all your needs. You can even get customized bathroom shower curtains of your selected fabric, design, color and size.

For example, if your bathroom has a high ceiling then you may require extra-long shower curtain. The choice of bathroom shower curtains is completely personal and may vary according to the requirement. You may like hookless shower curtains white others like the hooked ones.

If you have a separate bathroom for your kids, you may like to install shower curtains with lots of colors and attractive designs like cartoons, animals, etc. So if you want to give a new life to your old bathroom, order your shower curtains now online.

Extra Long Shower Curtains Add Beauty to Your Bathroom

The use of extra long shower curtains is increasing day by day. Although some people find it hard to install such curtains in their bathroom but the majority of people says that these extra long shower curtains add beauty to their bathroom.

When installing an extra long shower curtain, it is very essential to place the rod higher so that the curtain may not create a mess. The best thing about these bathroom shower curtains is that they help in keeping water from leaking onto the floor.

Also, if you are planning to replace your bathtub or it needs to be refinished, the extra long shower curtain will help you in hiding it. One can also say that such shower curtains are a necessity for the homes with high ceilings.

They break up the negative space in your bathroom which is present above the shower unit and makes it look good. One can also go for hookless shower curtains which are again the latest trend and adds beauty to your bathroom.

How Are Cloakrooms Prove Useful In Your House

The cloakroom is a very important area of the houses that not only adds a value but also is of great use. It makes the house look more appealing. These days cloakrooms are not merely designed to hang coats but they are re – designed to make it more relaxing.

They basically serve as extra bathrooms and a relaxation space. Generally the best place to design it is under the stair spaces. The shops now offer huge range of bathroom suites at affordable prices. You can browse them online as well. This area requires lesser accessories as compared to the main bathroom.


The cloakroom should be designed in such a way that it should no doubt compliment your existing home. Variety of flooring is available in the market, out of which elegant and durable materials can be chosen. You can put up bright color paints or wallpaper to enhance the beauty of your cloakrooms. Usually waterproof flooring and wall work is done to avoid humid environment. Unique art pieces, fancy soap cases, bright shade towels and such accessories can be used. Cabinets should be wisely placed as they serve as the storage space for toiletries and towels. Mirrors used should be simple yet elegant.

In any case the items used in the cloakroom should provide sufficient space for the movements. Depending on the space you can fit the accessories. Open shelves, vanity units, standing bathroom cabinets are often used for bigger cloakrooms whereas hanging and the storage facilities in the corner is generally used in smaller cloakrooms. This helps in cleaning the place well and gives space for movements as well. Vanity units help in hiding the piping and give a very classy look. It makes the space look tidy and clean.

Space saving fittings and fixtures gives an important feature to cloakrooms hence placing the right kind of accessories is an important thing. Accessories related to taps, faucets, taps and towel rails play a very important role in designing an elegant cloakroom. Nevertheless, cloakrooms should be designed carefully as they are the rest rooms for guests. Therefore help should be taken through professionals.

Now bathrooms are not the neglected part of the house. In fact they form the most stylish corner of your house. The recent trends have offered numerous options that help in providing spark to these areas. Seeking the convenience of the family members and the guests cloakrooms are designed in one of the finest forms today.

Cloakrooms and Bathroom

Cloakrooms are commonly found in the big malls, shopping plazas, churches, meeting halls etc. How easy and wonderful it would be to have a cloak room in the house? It would be a great enhancement to the home. Generally many people consider this as a store room in the lower floor or in the underground of the houses. Some feel that it is nothing but a store house. But actually cloak room is the additional area in a home where no other rooms can be built.

It is generally used for hiding certain things in order to keep the home neat and tidy. Some can plan of keeping their washing clothes and washing machine there, some rarely needed items can also be kept in the cloak room. A beautiful layout if designed, any small apace area can be converted into a useful and beautiful area. There are various types of bathroom like vintage style, wooden style, contemporary style, etc. The bathrooms can also be designed according to the paint colour of the home.

Some like a classy style while others contrast styles. Anyways with what so ever the style is bathroom must have certain important features like good ventilation, proper air and water outlet, anti slippery floors, anti staining marbles to the wall etc. These essential things make a bathroom look good. The additional accessories enhance the look to the bathrooms.

Architects now offer different styles of cloak room – bathroom set which can be smartly selected and get done on own buildings. A unique bathroom and cloak room which is constructed with a well designed plan always give a satisfactory and a proud feeling to the family members among their people.

Have Your Bathroom Say Something: 5 Beautiful Bathroom Tips

It’s exciting to fill that new house with special touches that say something about you. From the kitchen to the bedrooms, this is a chance to really express yourself. The new bath offers a perfect opportunity for designing personal space, so enjoy making it all yours. Here are five beautiful bathroom tips that are sure to brighten up this busy room.

1. Flatter yourself with lighting

Overhead fixtures illuminate the bath, but they cast light downward and throw shadows that don’t really reflect your good looks. Take a tip from the movie stars, and install lights around the edge of the vanity mirror. From morning makeup to night time beauty treatments, you’ll see everything in a better light.

Not only will this make you look better in the bathroom, it is also a very in style. It is not a standard in houses these days, so it will absolutely look like an extra you have added yourself, adding value and personality.

Bathroom tips

2. Go green with shelving

Cover those bare walls with rattan or bamboo shelves filled with your favorite plants. All that greenery laps up the humidity when you shower, and it gives the room a lovely, natural appeal. Trailing ivy, dramatic spider plants and exotic orchids are beautiful choices for softening the edges around your bathroom.

3. Enjoy faucet fashion

Replace those old fixtures, and put a little style in the sink. If you’re a traditionalist, indulge in elegant brass with an antique finish and finely carved detail. Create contemporary flair with the silver curve of stainless steel arched faucets featuring finger touch controls. New fixtures are a small change that you’ll appreciate every day.

It is also an easy way to have a lot of impact of the room and give it a definite style and look. Just by picking the right hardware, you can covey a new look and feeling in those close quarters.

4. Give the shower real style

Save the old shower curtain for drop cloth duty, and hang something truly chic. Today’s curtains feature lovely cotton and linen blends that add soft texture and personal style to the bath. Brighten up the room with a splashy floral pattern, or set a romantic mood with pretty voile ruffles.

5. Fall in love with a tub

Replace that plain white fixture with a model toned in flamingo pinks or brilliant blues. Put charm the bath with an antique claw-footed replica, or install a contemporary tub styled like modern art. From deep tubs for soaking to asymmetrical shapes for drama, choose a tub you love.

When you think about how much time you spend in the bathroom, it makes sense to create a space that you really enjoy. Throughout our beautiful state of Colorado, new homes present many wonderful decorating opportunities, but don’t overlook the potential in that bathroom. Whether you make it sing or turn it into a quiet retreat, it’s all yours, so let it say something special.