Importance of Water Coolers for Home

There are different benefits of keeping water cooler at your home, or at your work. One of the most important is to get cool as well as clean water that is good for the health. The Water coolers for home work to keep the drinking water cool and will give you water that is good in taste whenever you need it.

The water coolers are today found in malls, airports and other places where you need to stay for a long time. This is really a good way to keep healthy, when you can drink clean water whenever you need to drink. There are companies that make various types of water coolers for your home and you can find them online too.

Water coolers for home- Source of clean water

The home water coolers can be wall mounted ones or the one that you need to keep on a stand, to help you to fill the bottles when you need drinking water. With these you can easily fill a bottle to carry with you when you are going out of home for some work.

Water Coolers for Home

It is sad to know that there is different water borne diseases that can plague you if you do not maintain the quality of water at home. Fortunately water coolers for home are there that is the best to drink water. It will take care of cleaning the water every day and then pour in water that is fresh and clean for drinking.

You need to keep a close look at water coolers for home so that they are regularly connected with the water source and they are not out of store of healthy water. You must connect it to the supply of water and electricity can be used to cool the water from the normal temperature. If there is any unused water, you can throw it in the disposal area.

There is the water cooler dispenser that is found in the market that you can use to get water fast. You can buy ready-made water bottles and keep them in the dispenser and get the drinking water from them. These may not cool the water in all the models but will give you fresh drinking water each and every time you need it.

Bottleless water cooler and the ones using bottles

Bottleless water cooler is another type of water coolers that can give you water which is more hygienic. These coolers need less involvement for you as you will not have to change heavy bottles.

Water coolers for home usually do not have such coolers, but they are the ones which are connected to water supply to get the cooler filled up automatically. The system of keeping bottles is costly and requires manual work by someone. When you do not have much manpower, you can try this bottleless water cooler that is connected to the regular water supply.

As there are different types of water coolers available in the market, you just need to have the proper information to find which one is the best for your requirement. You will have to keep the coolers clean to be sure to get hygienic water from them, whenever required.

These water coolers are the assurance of hygienic water. If you need a good water cooler for your home or office you have a lot of options to check out before choosing the one that is the best for your purpose.

Ventilation Fans: A Buyers’ Guide

These days more and more of us are converting rooms into bathrooms or toilets, or even turning the cupboard under the stairs into one. This means that very often these rooms have no windows.

No windows = no ventilation. No ventilation = at best, unpleasant odours lingering, and at worst, where you have a shower or bath installed, a build up of condensation, leading to damp problems. This can cost you a lot of money.

So in these rooms you will want to install an extractor fan to remove the odours and condensation from the air in the room. Quite often you will also want to install one in a room which already has a window, so that you don’t need to open it in inclement weather.

The ideal height to place an extractor fan is 1.8m from the ground, and preferably opposite a door or window. This will help the “pull-through” of air. An extractor fan will always work better when there is also an intake of air, so whether this is just leaving the door or window open a crack, it will help to increase the air movement.

You also need to know what type of ventilation fan to install in different situations. An axial fan is suitable when the fan will be ducted straight outside i.e. put in a wall with direct access to the outside. These fans are perfect for those situations. If the fan needs to be ducted over more than about 1m, then you should consider a centrifugal fan, as axial fans tend to lose strength when ducted more than this distance.

Centrifugal fans work slightly differently to axial fans: when the air is sucked in, it is then spun round 90 degrees. This increases the air pressure, and thus the distance the fan can be ducted. These distances vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally centrifugal fans can be ducted up to 10m without any significant loss of power. Centrifugal fans therefore tend to be bigger than axial fans, and also noisier.

A third type of fan to consider is called an “inline” fan. This type of ventilation fan is housed outside of the room in question, usually in the loft or ceiling void above. Ducting is attached to each end, one end goes to a hole in the ceiling of the room you want to extract from, with a vent or grille attached to it, and the other end goes to an outside wall or roof, again with a grille or vent attached. These fans have the advantage of being very powerful, and as they are housed outside of the room, the noise levels are pretty low.

Another thing to consider is the size of the fan required. For bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, the standard size is 4” (100mm). This measurement refers to the diameter of the spigot (or pipe) which protrudes from the rear of the fan, not the diameter of the fan as you look at the front of it! For kitchens and utility rooms, it is more usual to install a 6”mm (150mm) fan.

You should always consider the extract rate of a fan. These can be displayed in litres per second or metres cubed per hour. For a toilet fan, the minimum rate required would be 6 l/s, but really you should go for something with a rate of 21 l/s. For shower rooms, something above 25 l/s is more suitable. In a utility room, 30 l/s is advisable, and in kitchens 60l/s.

There are 4 main features a fan can have: pull cord, timer, humidistat and PIR. Pull cord means the fan can be operated by an integral pull cord, common for kitchen and utility room fans. A fan with a timer continues to run for a few minutes after it has been switched off, particularly useful in toilets and bathrooms.

A humidistat fan comes on automatically when the condensation level in the room reaches a certain level, and goes off when it drops below that level. This is particularly useful for shower and bathrooms, and for rooms where the fan or light might not always be turned on, and for rental situations where you want to be sure the fan is used. A fan with a PIR comes on automatically when someone enters the room.

Now you are armed with all the information you need to buy the right ventilation fan for your home.

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Apartment Sized Refrigerators: The Ultimate Cooler At Your Home

The summers are really roaring hot and keeping the cool on all fronts is of optimum importance.  If after a wary search you are still in search of the best cooling options then look no further beyond apartment sized refrigerators for your home or for offices.

These refrigerators are the best possible haven to store your food and liquids. These refrigerators generally comprises of twin doors and a fantastic cooling capability.

Refrigerators on the whole have turned into an essential daily commodity of every house-hold. But with the advent of time and technological development, refrigerators or its functions has come a long way in enhancing the features of livelihood.

Apartment sized refrigerator

Apartment size refrigerators have some unique and outstanding facets which makes it all the more desiring.

•           The capacity range varies from the small to the bigger size.  One level acts as the cooling division while the other one would act as a freezer department.

•           With a twin door facility it aids in maintaining the temperature within the freezer.

•           Refrigerators for the storage of wine are also available.

•           Depending on the needs of requirement, one can buy the refrigerators of their choice and size.

•           Apartment sized refrigerators are best suited for the one to lead a life in hostel.

Apartment size refrigerator with ice maker

All the refrigerators of this kind are manufactured equally. One of the most important categories of apartment sized refrigerators is its ice maker. Apartment size refrigerator with ice maker is the best way to accommodate an ice maker if there is any lack of space in the house hold.

It is juxtaposed within the fridge and helps in getting the ice for the purpose of drinks. It can also be freestanding.  Apartment sized refrigerators with ice maker is the best solution for the modern house hold. Also it is glad to know that the technology and the processing are of the highest quality.

The apartment sized refrigerators have their units at 9 to 6 cubic feet.  And for this reason it should be able to blend perfectly with the background of the apartment. The cooling level is affected positively because of the placement of the shelves as well as the storage capacity. This refrigerator has been termed so because of its popularity among people residing in apartments.

Apartment sized refrigerators are the most preferred way of storing food in the current scenario. It provides a large quantity of space for freezing as well. Hence the food or drinks can be stored for a longer period of time without it going bad.

Apartment sized refrigerators comes along with its certain outstanding features like:

•           Completely assessed and scientifically approved ice maker

•           Large freezer space

•           Cubic area on the higher side

•           Comfortable and choice of the people

These forms of refrigerators generally cost around $200, which is a bit on the higher side of costing but the level of satisfaction provided is simply outstanding and next to none.

Many international brands have launched their own line of apartment sized refrigerators. For those inclined to lead a life of luxury along with a touch of class wouldn’t mind shelling some money to get this perfect home appliance for their ideal home.

Tips for Getting Kids Ceiling Fan for Your Kids Room

Are you looking for cheap ceiling fans for your kid’s room? You can get one on the internet with best deals. You can get great deals and discounted kids ceiling fans with a little bit of search. And if you are ready, we are here to help you get the best one with some tips.

Before getting kids ceiling fan for their room you should first know few facts about it. Ceiling fans comes in many varieties. These may depend upon designs, brands, colors, sizes, etc. And it is also important for you to consider who resides in the room.

You may have taken care of everything in your kids’ room but have you ever thought you can have options for ceiling fans as well? Yes, there is a variety of kids ceiling fans that you can have for your kids. Kids ceiling fans are installed and work in the same way as the other fans do.

Kids ceiling fan

The thing that makes the best ceiling fan different is that they are designed in such a way that it excellently fit with the design and colors of the rest of your kids’ room.

They are made colorful and designs like cartoons, animals, birds, etc. are used to make them attractive for your kids. So what are you waiting for? Just make an order now online and make your kids happy.

Selecting a kids ceiling fan completely based on design and colors may not sometimes be fruitful. You should be careful enough to examine the features and power of the product you choose. Internet is the best way of shopping these days and you can get unbelievably cheap ceiling fans here than from elsewhere.

You should take pride in buying an original product. Go for the brands that you trust in and not those that offer attractive tempting offers but are completely new to you. By a little search, you can get good offers with the popular and good brands as well.

Selecting the best fan for you is a complete personal choice. You can buy a kids ceiling fan depending upon the area of your child room, color and design of your kids room, furniture, etc. matters the most when you are looking for best ceiling fans for your kid’s room.